America’s Got Talent, and the results showed last night. The absolute best was sent home, or they could further their dreams to be better. No one likes rejection from a show. A rejection does not mean they do not love you.  A rejection means someone might see you and give you a chance to become famous after one rejection. It could happen. They are many stars who got rejected and got famous.

Daneliya Tuleshova

So long bye-bye to Bonavega, Kameron Ross, Kelvin Dukes (love his Charisma and charm. I hope he becomes successful. He is the one to watch in the future). The Shape, Vincent Marcus (his act is unique, and he will get far in the entertainment business either as voice over or a stand-up comedian.)  And Alexis Brownley (Wow, an amazing young dog show act and she is cute and adorable. She will go far in the business to either a dog act shows or an actress.)

BAD Salas – Bangladesh

The acts that were saved were Voices of Our City Choir, BAD Salas (They are from Bangladesh – finally, it’s on the map and is being recognized in America. People in Bangladesh must be happy. When they perform again, please vote for them. Their culture is beautiful, and their dancing is stunning.) Daneliya Tuleshova (her voice is fantastic. She was once a dancer; however, when she sang pitch-perfect songs, please vote for her when she sings again. Keep her on the show). 

If you like donuts, the Dunkin’ save acts were Spyros Brothers and Jonathan Goodwin that was an intense scene, fire all around him. I am glad they use the Indiana Jones stage set at Universal Studios. I hope they used the same act in the next Indiana Jones that they are making and coming out soon.

Be sure to vote for the next round of America’s Got Talent next Tuesday night. Take a break from studying and vote for your favorite, or they will go home.