As you may know, the results are in America’s  Got Talent, they had a great show last night, and I was watching. Everyone was fantastic. Except for one, it was Sethward peacock to the rising phoenix, and it was entertaining to watch. He was sent flying home. While Gina Brillon, the comedian, was saved and Caine Stars went home too. 

Jane Marczewski – Nightbirdiw

Simon Cowell Golden Buzzer acts Nightbirdie real name Jane Marczewski. Performed “I’m okay,” it’s number one on Itunes and number one on YouTube, and she is truly magnificent in any way. And she is okay. 

She visited the show by satellite because she decided to leave the competition due to health issues. It is not covid related, but cancer. If she lives, then it will be okay. People, please pray for her health. 

So far, the contestants that were save were:


Peter Rosalita 

Jimmie Herrod 

Dustin Travella

Gina Brillon 

Kabir Singh 

Madily Bailey 

Brandon Leake did a powerful reading of poetry. 

While Darci Lynn, America’s Got Talent sweetheart and most remember and winner in 2017, gave an outstanding performance, and her next tour is coming soon. Please see this show live. 

Watch America’s Got Talent on Tuesday and Wednesday Live on NBC at 8 pm, and be sure to vote for your favorite and don’t let your favorite go.