As you may know Melanie Amaro won the X-factor. Will she make a movie with Josh Krajcik  and called it “Amaro  & Krajcik,” they did with Justin Guarini and Kelly Clarkson when she won American Idol back in 2002 with her runner up to Justin Guarini,  and they did a movie together called “From Justin to Kelly” that movie did not do well, and I watched it last night on DVD. It was on sale for a dollar in the dollar store – that gives me an idea. Re-gift the DVD and give it to my sister in Florida.

Chris Reene sang an original song called “Young Homie” which was good, and he did a Christmas song he sang “Have yourself a Merry little Christmas.” Did he stumble on the song or was it part of the song? However, he sang great with Avril Lavigne and there sang  “Complicated” and it wasn’t complicated.

Two weeks ago, Rachel Crow would have stayed and be in the Top 3 contestants, but so far she has gotten record deals from music executives who wanted to make music with her. Could she possible replace Steve Jones as host for the next season? Steve Jones is excellent host, but it looked like; he wasn’t connected with the audience. The audience can be cruel. Rachel Crow did an excellent job as announcing the next act. Maybe they will get a female host.

Josh Krajcik sang with Alanis Morissette. They sang “Uninvited” which was good and later a Christmas song he sang, “Please come home for Christmas.” Josh can sing anything. He was my favorite and I wanted him to win, but unfortunately, he was the runner up and runner up usually does great and succeeds. 

Melanie Amaro sang a Christmas classic song which was “All I want for Christmas is you” her voice was fantastic. She sang great. She sang “I believe I Can fly” with R. Kelly, absolutely right on the money. 

When the contestants sang their duets with their favorite stars, they also took us into their lives and how they become singers. It was “This is your life” moment, very emotional and moving. 

Astro rapped with 50 Cents and the Lakers. Leona Lewis, who won the British version of “The X Factor” in 2006 and has gone on to international stardom, reminded us what a winner of this show can accomplish. Marcus Canty upstaged (in a good way) Pitbull and Ne-Yo, giving us hope for his future. 

Being a host, they have to take a lot of responsibly taking direction with the stage manager and the director. I think Steve Jones did great. 

Their prize was the $5 million contract and a music contract, which is good, but no trophy.