CeCe Fray
CeCe Fray


Diamond WhiteCeCe Frey and Diamond White was eliminated from the Xfactor competition and further their career as the next generation of pop singer. They took rejection professional as their names were called, it’s not the end of them, it’s a beginning of stardom as pop singers.

Melanie Amaro won last year of the Xfactor 2011, and she performed her song on top of a ladder, that’s not safe for her, what happens if she falls.  The ground level would be better.

First to go CeCe Frey, she did a great performance of Katy Perry “Part of me” and she looked absolute hot, meant beautiful. She did not grab people attention to vote for her even though it was Demi Lavato mentor. At least she had a make over to look like a star that would give her a break to  become a music artist and singer. I hope Demi Lovato  continues to help her out to pursue her singing career.

A performance by Ke$ha sang “Come on” she’s incredible performance.

The judges decided to send Diamond White home over the Simon Cowell’s Fifth Harmony. It wasn’t easy for the judges. Demi Lavota was right, she see’s the potentially of one of the singers in Fifth Harmony to become a solo singer career.

So top performers for this week are:

1 Tate Stevens

2 Carly Rose Sonnenclar

3 Emblem3

4. Fifth Harmony

The end is coming and who will win the Xfactor ? It’s a toss up. But be sure to do your part and vote for your favor on the Xfactor.