Haunted AirBNB House

It’s late in the middle of the afternoon, and you just arrived at your Air BNB for the evening. Everything that you plan is right at this location. The house is gorgeous, space is magnificent, the smell is breathtaking, it’s like someone bakes fresh pies of your favorite and it is making your mouth watery that you want to eat it, it feels like home, more like your childhood memories.

Eventually, when you sleep in the comfy of the bed, things bump into the night. The window was opened, and the breeze of the wind is coming through, making the drapes fly open. You get up and close the window. When you turned around, you scream in terror. You just saw a ghost face to face of a dead girl. Her eyes are sunken, long black hair and a white gown. 

You rushed to get your things. You pack up stuff in the suitcase, ran downstairs, jumped into your car and not looking back. Eventually, the ghost is still there at the house.

In 2017, Air BNB released that the owners should release if the house has any paranormal activity, which means no one can’t back out of the contract that they have signed. Or talk with the owners.

Here are some of the Haunted Air BNB around the USA:

The Stroud House, Wake Forest, North Carolina

Before you checked in the Stroud House, the host not the ghost will tell you about the house. The house was built in 1940. It’s been in the family for many generations. It’s located just a block from downtown Wake Forest, includes plenty of shiplap, the listing has its private entrance and sleeps three on one-queen size bed and a twin.

And it is haunted.

Witness has experiences footsteps in the hallway, lights turning on and off on their own. Orbs in the living room. A Shadowy figure in the kitchen (maybe it’s making pancakes), and the scary part is – a music box that plays by itself! (that’s even scarier)

Many people who have stayed in the house. I have not to experience the haunting, which is a good thing. If you don’t bother them, they will not bother you.

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The Manor: St. Paul, MN

This Manor is a good deal. For $55 a night, you can stay in the most beautiful and mysterious house in St. Paul.

According to Sean Doyle, the owner of the house, not only you will get scared, but you will also have strange visions of girls dressed in white who died in the home. In 1883, the girls were the descendants of the family who built the house.

In 1908, Rosalia Fihn had caught typhoid fever died. Doyle identified her in a photograph, based on the vision he’d had, that is placed on the dresser.

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Laura’s Cottage, Savannah, Georgia

In 1799, this beautiful cottage called Laura’s Cottage was one of the charming cottages. It features pine beams, antique furnishings, and a Juliet balcony where you can call out your lover next door, but don’t let down your hair. It’s also been modernized and updated, so you have all today conveniences that you needed. And they have gorgeous flowers.

We don’t know who Laura is, however, there’s a ghost that haunts the cottage. Witnesses have claimed that she makes herself known by opening windows and playing with lights on and off.

This cottage was featured in Robert Redford’s film “The Conspirator,” and it is a favorite for the local ghost tours too. You won’t find a space like this in Savannah, and it’s one of the favorite haunts. So see it yourself.

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Farnam Manor in Richfield, Ohio

In 1834, in Farnam Manor, the owner’s daughter drowned in a well. Since that happened, witness, have claimed to see her spirit on the grounds, and at the house. To experience the sighting of her apparition, one must bring your RV and spent the night on the grounds. If you do see her. You have no place to run, only your camper.

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Parks-Bowman Mansion, New Orleans

In the 1890s in New Orleans, there’s a quiet mansion called Parks Bowman Mansion, and legend has it is haunted by a young girl who has been seen floating around in a yellow dress.

So if you spent the night here, you might get a chance to see her.

Check in here

Are you brave enough to stay?

Please comment your story.

JC Sawyer School haunted

JC Sawyer school .jpg

I recently heard about this story and I did not know until a couple days later, that I overheard a couple of teachers who go to J.C. Sawyer Elementary school, the same school I went when I was a child in the 1970’s. Great memories I had in that school and great teachers I had who now passed away. Is now haunted.

A teacher who goes to the school was talking to her friend that her students saw a ghost of a woman walking behind them and she was wearing white and her hair was up. It stood for a few seconds and disappeared.

Many of her students have seen it. However, she brushed it off and told the students it was their imagination, but the students really saw a ghost at their school and they were talking about it in the classroom. She had enough with the students telling their stories and told them to settle down and be quiet. They were quiet.

Five of the teacher’s book flew off the shelves, from the wall, hit the floor and then the closet open and slam shut by itself.

The students and the teacher were horrified by what they saw. None of the students were close to the closet or the shelves.


Later, she found it out the classroom that she was in was a former teacher by the name of Mrs. Annette Moss, who passed away in 2014 at the age of 80.  She taught in the same classroom for thirty-nine years in that room.


The Girl with the Blue Dress and Pink Ribbon


It’s was on the eve on Thanksgiving night, David is a mortician at a facility in North Carolina and Scott, I was visiting.

“Scott, come with me. I don’t want to leave you alone at the house,” David said.

“Okay.Yes.” Scott said

What’s the worse it can happen, right? Scott was wrong. The place was creepy as hell, dark, and smelled funny. David said it was normal and it was probably the smell of formaldehyde. So, Scott ignored it.

After a little time off chit-chatting and catching up, he told me he needed to get to work, but that I could stay in the little-adjoined office and watch some TV and so I did. The entrance to the morgue had swinging doors that you could hear when someone was coming in or out of them. He came to check on me a few times.

After a few hours of being by myself, Scott started to doze off, when the sudden sound of the doors woke me up. Expecting for my brother to walk in and greet me, there was nothing. Again, Scott started to fall asleep and yet again, the loud doors went off.

You couldn’t tell if someone was coming in or out but they kept on swinging and didn’t stop. Thinking my brother, David was playing a joke on me, Scott  got up and went to tell him to stop but to my surprise there was only a little girl standing there, playing with the doors, pushing them.

“Hi,” Scott said.

She looked at Scott and didn’t say a word, one of the things that caught Scott’s eyes was a pretty blue dress with a big pink ribbon she was wearing.

“Your dress is pretty, and the bow makes it stand out.” Scott said.

She looked at me and again nothing.

Then she started to run the opposite way towards the lonesome hall. Scott thought the kid belonged to another employee so, Scott went back to his chair.

Hours later when David shift was over, he finally woke me up to go back to his place. As we were driving, I started to tell him about the doors and the little girl with the cute blue dress and a big pink ribbon.

David slammed the breaks.

“What the hell? Why did you break?” Scott said.

“Tessa?” David said. He gave me a chilling look in his eyes. “I did  an autopsy on a little girl that drowned yesterday, she was wearing a blue dress and with a big pink ribbon.”

Scott was shocked.

David was shocked too.

Scott blood ran cold and he never been to his work EVER again!



True story. What’s that behind you?



Mom the Friendly the Ghost

It’s been over a month since my mom passed away. She died of the complications of ulcers wounds on her elbows and feet and she couldn’t walk. When she came home from the hospital, she couldn’t get up. She was gasping for air and food. I wanted to give her food, but I couldn’t do it. If she had ate, she would not swallow, it will choke her.

My dad and I would take care of her every morning. Giving her a shower every Sunday and weekdays I would give her a sponge bath. I would talk to her and entertain her, to make her smile. I would give her daily exercise and change her bandages on feet, which it had ulcers wound.

After the super bowl 50, she had gotten worsen; she had respiratory problems and trouble breathing. Broncos won over the Carolina Panther.

My dad and I would visit her grave and we would say a prayer for her and talk to her. We would tell her that we are good and strong and we can take care of ourselves.

We are not depressed in any way that is what other people would think. My mom is at peace and healed; and in a better place.

I know she can see us at the grave and at home.

If you have seen ghost hunters and ghost adventures on TV and they really explained what types of ghost we have, it’s a like an education and a understanding of ghosts. Ghost can be seen as ghost or orbs. For the shows, they would pick up negative feelings or bad ghost. Other times they would pick up positive feelings and tell us their history.

I know my mom is in the house. I would feel her because the hair on my skin would stand up, some kind of energy and she is nearby. I would see orbs flying the house, when I go to a certain room and the temperature would drop. Even a white mist, maybe she is trying to manifest in front of us? Mom is in the house. Does this happened to you?

She is either walking around the house or watching us sleeping. This is a good thing, I know she missed us and we missed her too. We love her very much. She is watching us.

Do you feel a love one presence around you?

Creepy People At My Door

Have you ever opened a door and see men dressed in black suits? It could have been the men in black. Cue the music!

But these men in black were funeral employees to take away the body and put it in body bag. They looked creepy when they arrived at my door and stood still for a moment. Then one of them recognized me. We met recently at my high school reunion last year, it was our 30th anniversary, we graduated in 1985. I still looked the same as a teenager but older.

They sent my dad and I to another room, the living room. Donald Trump was on CNN town hall meeting. We had to mute him, because he was babbling about making the world great again. It was funny to see his lips moving and not saying a word.

We couldn’t see what they were doing to my mom. I know they had to put my mom in the body bag and zip her up.

They asked if we would like to see the body. Once was enough. We have seen her body in the bed. She was cold with her mouth open. Scary to see, but peaceful. The nurse took the catheter tube from the body earlier ago.

When she was gone from the house, I ripped the bedsheet from the bed, spray fabric freshener to make it smell good and wash the bed sheets that night. I watch The Jimmy Fallon shows and other comedy late night to take my mind off what had happened that night. Comedy is a good tool to release the stress. We need laughter to release the stress.

I missed her.

The Suzy Doll

This is one of the case file from Ed & Lorraine Warren. We all know the famous doll “Annabelle” the story and the paranormal activity will scare you than other Hollywood movies, but the story will definite will grab you. And it is true.

She investigated a house. It was not the house that was haunted, but the doll. It looked peculiar odd. The doll was handmade by a family relative. She thought it would be cool to make a life like doll of her niece. Not knowing an evil entity was passing by the house one night growling to find a host to settle in and decided to prey on an innocent handmade doll. Then chaos erupted in the family. Poltergeist activity happened and possession of a child.

Would you get a doll for Christmas for your child?

Read the case file and watch video


Catch Paranormal Witness on Wednesday night 10:00 pm on Syfy!!


What would happen when someone dies or commits suicide and there facebook account is not closed? Maybe the people who died and reincarnated themselves into their facebook account and haunt anyone who accesses their account. That’s what happened and who committed her to suicide.

Shelly Hennig

Shelley Hennig

American actress and beauty pageant titleholder who held the Miss Teen USA 2004 title. She played Stephanie Johnson on Days of Our Lives and starred in the CW series The Secret Circle as Diana Meade. She currently plays the character Malia Tate/Hale in Teen Wolf.

Moses Jacob Storm

Moses Jacob Storm

Known for Unfriended (2014), The 4 to 9ers (2012) and Correcting Christmas (2014).

Renee Olstead

Renee Olstead

American actress and singer. Active since childhood as an actress, she is best known for her roles in the TV sitcoms Still Standing as Lauren Miller and The Secret Life of the American Teenager as Madison Cooperstein. In addition, she has recorded four studio albums, primarily of jazz music.


Will Peltz

William “Will” Peltz is an American actor known for his roles in Unfriended and Men, Women & Children. He has a famous sister Nicola Peltz from “Bates Motel.” He became interested in acting while reading scripts with his sister.

Jacob Wysocki

Jacob Wysocki

Wysocki became interested in acting while still in high school. During these years, he also performed with Comedy Sportz and started to act in school plays. Afterwards he was casted as Dante Piznarski in the ABC Family drama series Huge. He was in Pitch Perfect (2012). He took his first leading role in 2011 alongside John C. Reilly in the dramedy Terri. In 2014 he starred in the horror movie Unfriended.

Courtney Havverson

Courtney Halverson

She has been nominated twice for a Young Artist Award, once in 2006 for A Distant Shore and again in 2007 for Sleepwalk. She also starred in the thriller films Leprechaun’s Revenge, The Hammer and Unfriended.


Heather Sossaman

She began acting at a young age alongside her two sisters. Heather immediately landed small roles in popular shows like Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990), for which she was hand-picked by producer Aaron Spelling when she was just ten years old. A versatile artist, Heather taught herself to play guitar at a young age, and was featured on MTV by the age of 18 for her singing/songwriting skills.

Mickey River

Mickey River

Mickey River is an actor and writer, known for Unfriended (2014), Detention (2011) and 21 Days (2014).

Cal Barnes

Cal Barnes is an actor and writer, known for Unfriended (2014), Plunge (2011) and Adolescence.

Here some interested facts about the movie. First it is inspired by the actual suicides of Amanda Todd and Audri Pott. It has to be based on some ideas in real life for the movie can be made. It was filmed in one house in different rooms. They were close by. To keep the film suspenseful and believable, each take had script alterations on the fly and the cast were encouraged to improvise and react to the unexpected story changes. It was Shelley Hennig’s idea to the producers to have them act out the entire film in one single take, after going through long takes lasting ten minutes. Shot in one long take, in real time, with the characters on actual computers. Production lasted 16 days total, including six 12 hour days of principal photography, three days of pick ups and then a few more re-shoots and other stuff.

When the actress who plays Val Rommel (Courtney Halverson) was in a movie theater watching the movie for the first time, someone pulled the fire alarm and the theater had to be evacuated. Several people in the crowd waiting outside joked that it must have been the ghost of Laura Barns. It’s a movie, don’t take it seriously.

When people were watching this movie, it wasn’t that scary, it was suspenseful. It may be bad acting, but the movie was interesting to watch. It’s different. The budget for this movie was 1,000,000 but it grossed over 32 million dollar. A possible sequel? It might.

Go rent it tonight.