A ghost haunts this house on Elliott street right across from the Pasquotank Library. Witness said that one evening, while he was helping a friend moving boxes on the first floor. They heard footsteps right above the second floor and they called 911. The police inspected the place and no one was there. Since the witness and his friend were there as it happened, they have no explanation who was in the house with them. They continued to move boxes. Then, they heard it again. Footsteps were heard again and then and a loud  door was slammed shut! They were no windows opened it was nail shut.  The two guys dropped their boxes and ran out of the house. One of the guys looked back at the house and they saw a figure of guy staring at them through the upstairs window.  The next day, the boxes that was left overnight were slammed against the wall and the books were scattered on the floor.