Since the premier of the Syfy “School Sprits” on Wednesday night, it was quite scary and interesting to know what universities out there, are not telling what universities are haunted. If there’s a haunted university out there, I rather stay in my dorm, well may be my dorm. Maybe off campus into an apartment, how old is the apartment complex? 1904? Fine, I live with my parent’s house, the only haunting living with my parents is when they snore – that’s scaring enough.

Michigan State University was founded in 1855. It’s a public research university inEast Lansing. With many big old buildings and new and possibilities with renovations are added to the university, it’s probably growing in size. Since the popularity of students are taking classes on campus students needed to stay either in dormitories, and Sorority and Fraternity houses on campus. But do they know the history of the homes; it’s been there for decades on the campus.

Take, for example, a sorority house that was featured on the episode on “School Sprits” a group of girls renovated an old home on campus and made it their sorority home to stay. Not knowing it was haunted by Joseph Jacob Walser, he died of Tuberculosis, and he had four daughters. His wife left him to go to Florida. So the new girls shared their rooms, and the ghost of Jacob haunts the sorority home. The ghost would protect them, but the girls felt they were being threatened by the ghost and even watch by him.

Other haunting on East Lansing was in Holmes Hall on the sixth floor of the west building. Students have reported seeing a male figure entered the elevator. Immediately, after the door closes it reopens, revealing an empty elevator. Appliances have also been known to come on by themselves.

On the west, two shadowy figures entered the elevators on the sixth floor at 3am and hold them and then entered. Weird and scary.

In Hubbard Hall on the 12th floor of the South complex reported the lights will go on and off. And someone would be running in the hall. An apparition has been seen of a man walking into the elevator and going down to the ninth floor. Students often felt a cold brush of a breeze going through their bodies. Doors will slam. Appliances will go on and off, and windows will open and close, especially during the winter months.

Even though some other locations are haunted on campus most of them are either lock down for the night or open. Majority they should lock down the class halls at night during sunset for students would not interfere with the paranormal activity.