Lenoir-Rhyne College in North Carolina. Established 1891. Many different types of paranormal experiences have been reported here. In the Mauney Music Building (built in the 1960’s), footsteps may be heard in the hall and classes when no one is there. In the same building, phantom orchestras have been heard playing. People are at a loss to explain the happenings in Mauney. The campus’s oldest building Highland Hall also has it’s share of paranormal. Phantoms footsteps and slamming doors have been reported by the theatrical groups which uses the third floor for makeup and costumes. And motorists driving by Highland late at night have reported an eerie light emanating from one of the rooms on the third floor. Highland was originally a dormitory but now serves as faculty offices. The most frightening experience in Highland happened to a security guard patrolling late a night. While making his rounds on the third floor (storage rooms at the time), the lights went out on him. He tried to switch the lights on, but it didn’t work. He cut on his flashlight and began to make his way down the hall. As he was walking he heard the sound of furniture being moved. He shined the beam to reveal furniture, lamps, and desks being moved into the hall. Fearing for his life he ran to the stairway door which he had used moments earlier to gain entry; it was locked. He promptly unlocked it and fled for his life. The next morning, workmen from the maintenance department were called to the third floor of Highland; upon seeing the hallway littered with wrecked furniture, ripped mattresses and broken lamps, the men promptly called the campus police.

An investigation followed, but no evidence of earthy vandals was ever found. Another haunted building on campus is the Carl A. Rudisill Library, however, unlike some of the other buildings, this one has a probable cause. The most frequent apparition is that of a small child crying. It is theorized that the young boy died in the fire that burned down the previous library building in 1972. And he stills haunts the premise.