Have you ever got a colonoscopy before? For one thing one would have to fast for a day and half. Before the exam, you can’t eat your favorite breakfast like bacon, eggs and toast. It would smell good and the aroma will entice to you eat one, but you will get a slap on the hand from your spouse and tell you to eat you Jell-O and drink your Gatorade mix with Miralax (that’s your cocktail drink for the whole day).  You can’t get drunk with that, but it sure will make you run to the bathroom every time you feel something coming out, either that just put it in your car to cool it down during the hot summer months or for the winter.

Remember this, according to Health board Message Boards, Antifreeze is Propylene glycol and IS toxic.  And Miralax is Polyethylene Glycol 3350 and is NOT toxic. In other words, it’s safe, read the label! If you are a chemistry major, you will know this, there is a difference between the both of them. Miralax is safe! Only the names and the word sound familiar, there is a difference.

Once your water diet is complete and constantly running to the bathroom to get rid of whatever you have in your body, then it is time for the doctor to do a colonoscopy. Once you are undress and wear the gown backwards, I felt a breeze, in fact it was just me, I just farted. I Smell like a Jell-O.

The nurses will test your blood pressure, place a needle in your arm for the IV could drip, and an another doctor for the Anesthesiologist will tell you that you will be asleep during the whole time, that mean you would not feel a thing. Please trust your doctor and nurses, they know what they are doing. It is illegal to record the conservation for the doctor and the nurses, my phone was missing underneath the pillow and it was place in my bag. I got weird pictures of the doctor and nurses on my phone. At least they know how to do a selfie while I was out. I was not in the picture, that was good.


I did saw the endoscope that would go inside of me, it was long. Will that fit into me?  While I was out, I could not feel anything but I could hear Dennis Quaid inside of me. Have you seen Inner Space?

They looked around inside of me and zap the polyps that was inside of me. I had a few and it was gone.  Whew that was good. As long I eat healthy vegetables and protein I will be good. I like eating vegetables I am not a vegetarian but it is good for your health. I was good.

The not good, when I saw a few teenagers who were getting their colonoscopies too, do they eat properly. Not really. They should eat healthy. The best way to live longer is to eat a healthy diet.