It’s audition day in Portland,Oregon, and it is the first-time American Idol has been there for auditions. The talent at Portland,Oregon was even better than the weather. It was gloomy, and some of the auditions were gloomy.

Brittany Zika is a girl who had a crazy dream about Sara Bareilles. She had a weird dream that she was on Stage with her and sang together, but when she woke up, her pillow was gone. When she walked across the stage, she tripped on the stage, and she was known as “Tripster the Hipster” because she has a fondness for falling down especially with her thick-rimmed glasses, I hope it’s bifocals. If she had taken off her glasses, and have her long hair out, she would look even better and prettier. At least, she sang good?

“You look nothing like what you sound,” Randy says, not intending to insult her.Brittany offers to take her glasses off, and then Randy changes his mind.

When coming to the auditions is always a good idea of not having a cold when you are singing in front of the judges. Ben Purdom, sang his song, he had a deep voice from the cold he had. He got his golden ticket – a yellow mucus and a hanky from the judges.

Jermaine “The Giant” Jones he’s 6’8 ½, with that tall order he sang, “Superstar” by Luther Vandross and the judges send him through the Hollywood – he can grab his own star, all he has to do is to reach for one. The judges suggested to loosen up when singing.

Pretty blonde Brittnee Kellogg tells her sob story to the judges for being married to two-timing basketball player with whom she has two kids. She chooses to sing “You’re No Good,” Steven tells her she has a beautiful sense of humor. The judges like the raspy tone in her voice and how passionate she is about her a–hole of an ex-husband.

Sam Gersham a motivated dancer sang a Broadway song, I couldn’t tell what she was singing, because thePortlandbridge collapses when she sang.

A fast food worker, David Weed, decided to sing. For his voice to warm up, he uses salt, lemon juice, and hot sauce concoction. Since it was his day off, he went to work the next day. He did not make it.

Romea Diahn, refugee from Ghanasang a beautiful unique rendition of Bob Marley “Is This Love” J.Lo like it and so did the rest of the judges.


Naomi Gillies sang an Aerosmith song, and it’s good enough to get her to Hollywood. Next comes cherubic-faced Ben Harrison, who manages to give The Tripster Hipster a run for her money in a competition based on who is more intolerable.

Jessica Phillips sang “Again” by Faith Hills. It was dedicated to her husband who had suffered a stroke and didn’t remember who she was when he woke up.