The coronavirus is an epidemic health crisis, and literally, people are buying bulk sizes of toilet paper, bread, and water. This is crazy. You will survive, you don’t need all the toilet paper, bread, and water, that’s insane. It’s not the end of the world. People are too selfish now these days. And literally, the selves are empty. This is not fair!

Wow. If you practice good hygiene, eating healthy foods, and taking showers before you go to sleep and have clean sheets, you will be okay.

And cleaning your house, apartment, or tent. You need a clean house. Eventually, there will be a foul smell in the room. It could be the trash can that needs to be taken out!

Now schools and universities are closing down for a few weeks because they don’t want your child to be infected in a classroom. Sometimes students don’t want to smell other bodies that it smells like it came from the locker room bathroom, that’s gross. I have smell worse on students and being an Uber driver. I want to tell my passengers that they have body odor.  I don’t want to say to them because I need my ratings and my tips. It’s not an easy job. People do smell. Too much perfume makes me want to throw up.  Be clean!

I wear a Star Wars Trooper mask when driving. It has an air filter.

And it is about time airlines are being clean. Many people are complaining that airlines carry a lot of germs, and they don’t do anything about it. Now they are cleaning it once the last person gets off the plane.  Clean f–king the plane. How long does it take to clean the inside of the aircraft?  Thirty minutes or an hour? People can wait. Just tell them. They can wait. Just clean the plane! And put some fragrance in the air and make people happy.

Now we have a travel ban we can’t go to Europeans countries anymore. If I was you don’t take backdoors to other countries, if you think they are safe, you would still not be safe. The coronavirus can find you. Do a conference call to be safe.

I do this all time when I go to the movies. I either wait for a week or two weeks to see the film. Because the crowds in the first week are too crowded, especially people’s body odor is too close, and I can’t breathe. If I missed the movie, I wait when it comes to DVD. I can rent it or stream it on Netflix, which is better.

Howie Mandel

If you are a germaphobe or OCD, like Howie Mandel, he came to film an episode of America’s Got Talent in a hazmat suit and a gas mask. Now that’s funny.

Howie Mandel

The other day. He came to work in a bubble stretcher. Better to be safe than sorry. Smart and funny.

If we could be like Howie Mandel and fist bump everyone, we could still be alive.

The new season of AGT Season 15 will premiere this summer.

How we greet people either we handshake or give people hugs? Fist bumps and elbow bump, are they are both skin contact? If we have clothes on it would be much better.

If we pray, we hold hands. Not anymore.

Or do that foot dance.

Air hugs?

Just wave!

Just be safe out there.