Before you let your child head out the door before going to school are they protected?  What are they wearing even though the temperature is way below 32 degrees Fahrenheit?

If they are wearing flip flops, shorts, and a sexy top that you can see thru, is that really the dress codes for the school? And you spit up coffee on them, and you tell them to change? And when they come back they have another sexy top with a different image, and you can still see through. And it is 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Freezing cold.

“I go by Celsius, is it warm?”

“No,” the parent said. “Go change it’s cold. Look outside. The neighbor’s snowman is waving at you!”

That’s how your child can get the flu not dressing appropriately for the weather we are having outside. It may be warm during the winter season, but the Flu is no joke. They already have snow days at the beginning of the new year, and child wanted to have a sick day too?

Five Ways To Fight Flu.

  1. Get a vaccine for the flu shots it can minimize the flu. Most of the viruses can enter through the nose. The air we breathe. It’s nice to wear a mask, or if they have a good hat that can cover the whole face without looking suspicious that they might rob a person.
  2. Do you know that most children don’t wash their hands before eating? Their fingers can touch their face, eyes, picking their nose, picking their ears, or playing with their belly button and licking it. It may be finger licking good, but they could be infected. Make sure they wash their hands thoroughly and before they go to sleep a good shower to keep the nice and clean and smell like roses when they get up in the morning. And give them a hand sanitizer and tell them to keep clean, if not they will end up in a hospital. It may be fun in the hospital, but the hospitals are haunted by people who died of flu on the bed. They might come home being possessed.
  3. Stop nibbling your nails. When you bite your nails, it may contain E. Coli, did I scare you when I mention. E. Coli. You don’t know where your hands been. They go everywhere on your body. Touching places that where your hands have not touch before. Wash your hands! Be Clean!
  4. Your room. When is the last time you clean your room and why is there a band-aid on the floor that you left over a month ago and it is still there. About 49% of houses rarely or never disinfect their house. It may be clean, but it is still there. Clean your room and clean the whole house. You can hire someone to clean it for you, but they never clean your children rooms, they will leave it alone. Just because there are teenagers, they don’t pick up things after themselves. Or assume the house clean itself. Put your children to work and make them clean their room and give them a reward when there are finished.  A clean room and house will make them succeed in life.
  5. Eat healthily. When is the last time you have your cholesterol check? How much weight have you gained? Is it time to bring back what you have looked like before. You were attractive back then. What happened? Cut half the sodium and sugar from your diet. Cut half the carbohydrates too. Don’t use too much butter in your food. Beef has Go vegan when possible. You don’t have to eat meat every day. Change your diet. Go to your local gym and exercise. Bring back the old you and look attractive too.