Everyone is scared of the Coronavirus. People are being cautious of not touching anything and not touching their face. Whatever they touch, they feel their hands slowly creeping up their face and then suddenly poking you in the face and found out it was one of your children awaken you because he was hungry.

First, you must wash your hands. Real good, use soap and water and wash and rinse it for twenty (20) seconds or longer. Think of any song that comes into your mind and use it. Wash your fingernails too. Or get a manicure.

Second, social distance yourself from people you know. You will never know if your friends have it or not, better yet be safe.   Call or text your friends or use facetime on your phone even though you are either three to six feet apart from each other.

Third, if you cough, cough into your elbow, and if you sneeze, sneeze into your elbow and then wash it for 20 seconds, you just contaminated yourself with your own fluids – that would be annoying to do that to yourself. Here’s a tip that you can do before you go to sleep. Put your bedsheets in the washing machine and then take a shower. It would be better to sleep if you have clean bedsheets with a clean body.

Four, if you feel sick. Stay home. Don’t spread germs to everyone else and take your medicine. Take a multivitamin, doctors keep telling us to take a multivitamin, and we don’t listen to them. Taking a multivitamin can reduce the flu and cold and something deadly like this virus we are having. 

Five, this is the time to eat healthily. If you change your diet, you will be appreciated and feel better. Doctors have told us many times if you are obese, you will have many health problems, and you learn things the hard way when you go to the hospital and hear the horrible news.

Eating diabetic food, even though you do not have diabetes, can help you to lose weight. Cutting sugar and salt from your diet can make you feel better. Do this: try to avoid fast food restaurants their food has lots of sugar, salt, milk (other dairy products), and bacon. The flavor and taste will be good, unfortunately not your cholesterol, eating a healthy salad without no cheese, trust me it will help, you will lose weight. Cholesterol, heart disease, and cardiac arrest is the number one killer for many young celebrities like Luke Perry and Cameron Boyce. And don’t overeat.

Six, watching the news about the Coronavirus can cause stress, like is it here in the neighborhood? Why are the animals quite in the neighborhood? Is it here? You are running low on food and toilet paper. Down to the last noodle. Down to the final roll. Why do I smell? Where is my pizza?