Death is a phase of life. A function of life. The circle of life. The day when we are born the sooner or later in life, we die. Or if we accomplish great achievements in life. We die.

When we get older and be taken care, we know we did something right. Your children will be adults soon and they will have children too. They will be taken care soon by their friends and family.

They will go to a better place. Someplace safe and we have to be there for them. We have to be strong and be responsible for ourselves.

We have to be eating right and exercise. The belly you have now is it your bloating or are your pregnant now? We have to stay slim and strong, and have muscles. We don’t have to look bulky with muscles. Just look good and attractive. In other words, stay in shape and look young if possible. Not too young, but act your age. That’s the key for long life. Don’t die too young. And teenagers too. Stay in shape.

We have to watch our cholesterols and our blood pressure, our diets. What we eat every day. Eat more fiber and protein. Many times, we just ignore it and end up dying. That’s not good.

If your waist size is more than 35 inches you will have health problems so keep your waist size down. Just the average waist size between 30 – 35.