Mosquitos 5 19 2016How to avoid the Zika Virus?  Wear a hazmat suit in the summer time, that’s the best way for not getting bitten by mosquitos. The other best way is to the defend yourself, because there are no vaccines or treatment. Maybe a milk bath?

Here are 6 ways to protect yourself from mosquitos:

  1. Pick the right mosquito repellent

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends products with active ingredients DEET, oil of lemon eucalyptus, picaridin, or IR 3535.

Get the Off with Deep Woods or the packets kind.

Use the Off with Deep Woods spray after applying sunscreen, otherwise the SPF may mask it. In other words, sunscreen first and then spray repellent.

Don’t wear repellent under clothes; it won’t evaporate and may accumulate on the fabric. Avoid spraying it on cuts or wounds.

Importantly, don’t forget to spritz or spray your feet and ankles. The mosquitos has a fetish of biting your feet and ankles. And don’t forget your elbows too.

To protect a child use spray or the packet wipes with repellent. Rub it on the skin, ankles, ears and feet (Very important).  Avoid the eyes and mouth, it may sting a child.

  1. Repel with your clothes

You know the drill for avoiding mosquitoes: Wear long pants and long sleeves during the summer months, it may get hot but you are being safe from mosquitos.

Wear clothing that contains permethrin, a synthetic insecticide.

Wear shoes and socks instead of sandals. Mosquitos are attractive to Yoga pants. Or anything with spandex. You will get bitten on your butt.  Generally, baggier clothes offer better protection. Protect your head with a hat and sunglasses.

  1. Prep your home

Many Americans are relatively protected from the Zika virus at the moment because mosquitoes die or go into hibernation in cold winter weather. Hint! Lower your thermoset during the summer to keep your home cool and chase the mosquitos away.

When temperatures rise to 50 or 60 degrees Fahrenheit, however, mosquitoes can reappear and spread disease. The Aedes mosquitos feed during the day and fly into houses for shade—living and reproducing very close to people.

Just one tablespoon of water can serve as a mosquito breeding ground and produce up to 300 mosquitoes. The insects can breed in the bottom of a glass in the bathroom or in a film of water next to the sink. Eliminate standing water throughout the home, including in flowerpots, bottles, and accumulating garbage

  1. Have a pool? No need to drain—mosquitos are deterred by the chlorine that keeps the pool clean and safe for swimming.

5. Exercise indoors

Break a sweat inside. Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide and heat. Your body naturally emits both, but cranks up the volume when you work out. Mosquitos like the sweat and they go by scent of your body odor, that’s why you see mosquitos flying in your face.

  1. Travel smart

The best way to avoid Zika virus is to avoid affected areas. Check the CDC’s regularly updated list of countries and territories with active Zika virus transmission. If you must travel to an affected country, stay in air-conditioned areas, sleep under bed nets (Mosquitos nets) if your room may have mosquitoes, and use mosquito repellent vigilantly.

If you’re pregnant, talk to your physician, and possibly reconsider your trip. The CDC issued an advisory this month for pregnant women to consider postponing travel to affected countries. If your trip is already scheduled, check options with your airline. Three major domestic carriers—United, Delta, and American Airlines—are allowing qualified passengers to re-book their trip without cancellation fees. There’s a certain area of the female body that produce a fish smell and that attracts mosquitos. Best time to travel, Fall and Winter!