Alex and Sierra wins X-factor

First, they show all thirteen contestants sang a Christmas song? Did they? Couldn’t tell.  They were fantastic. .

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Mary J Blige sang

Mary J Blige

Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis

Kelly was flirting with the muscular guys who auditioned, but did not make it. Some did.

Demi was annoying Simon and drinking a green drink. I hope isn’t vodka.

Demi Lovota

Simon was being criticized by the young children, hysterical funny.

Carlito Sang


Jeff Gutt sang

Jeff Gutt

Alexa and Sierra sang and won

Alex and Sirea

And One direction

One Direction

Carlito left, but he was proud that he competed and will be successful.

X-Factor: One more Week

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The X-factor has there top three who will performed again for the finally along side with The Voice on NBC. Both of these show will tried a ratings grabbers next week and who will watch the most. Either on Monday and Tuesday for The Voice nor Wednesday and Thursday for the X-factor.

Alex and Sierra , Jeff Gutt, and Carlito Olivero are the top three contenders while Restless Road leaves the show or be back for the finally on next week results show.

The show started with a group number  Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger” was followed by a package of the recap in case anyone missed it. Did you?

Then Mario Lopez asked each contestant why he or she should win the X-Factor and their mentors, their answer were “We love everyone, we deserve to win, I hope we are not in danger, we are doing great and please vote us.” No one should go home, but there is only one winner who will be crowned as the winner. America has to vote for their favorite acts to win.

Since they were four acts and one of them has to go and who will stay in the competition, the intensity of suspense of the audience grew louder and louder screaming out there favorite acts of who will stay. Then Mario announced “After the break” and crowd simmer down and the JC Penny commercial with the Christmas carolers singing “Feliz Navidad.”

The Top Four

And now the results, Carlito Olivero safe.


Next was Alex and Seria, Safe


That leaves Restless Road and Jeff Gutt. More intense.

Simon loses another group, which was Restless Road. Simon was disappointed. Simon please don’t be disappointed, they had their chance and he has one group left and which is Alex and Sierra they were fantastic performers. I hope they win and Simon will be very happy and he’s very competitive of having one of his groups to win the X-factor.

So do you think the right acts made it?

Xfactor Top 3: Carly Rose, Fifth Harmony and Tate Stevens

Vote for her
Vote for her

As you may know already the Top 3 performers were selected and next week the winner will be announced on the Xfactor for the final performance of the Christmas season or this season.

For the first time this week they were no save of whom will go home. But it was really by the votes of the American people who voted for the contestants for the grand finally for next week.

When they were announcing of who will stay the judges were on pins and needles. They did not who was going or being saved.

From Simon Cowell group Fifth Harmony was saved. Tension was mounting as Britney Spears  was nervously waiting for the results and worried if Carly Rose would go home.

Then from LA Reid the cowboy and country singer Tate Stevens was saved. Everyone loves country. It looks like voting procedure were either adults or teens who like country singer because of Taylor Swift.

From the last two contestants Carly Rose Sonenclar and Eblem 3 were waiting patiently and they eager of who will go home and who will be saved.

Carly Rose Sonnenclar was saved and she will compete with the remaining contestants. As for Eblem 3, it’s not the end of the world for them they were great and pretty sure they will get a record deal and be another boy band for Simon Cowell or Girl band Fifth Harmony. If Simon Cowell use sex appeal for Fifth Harmony girls  and a nice hip hop song it would be great. But it comes down with the voice and who will command the stage likes Carly Rose did and how she shines and lit up the stage with her voice. Or a country cowboy Tate Stevens, like Taylor Swift.  Will Tate Stevens write his song like Taylor Swift does especially relationship songs? He’s been married to his wife for 15 years.

Bridget M - 2Ready or not here she come Bridgit Mendler, from Disney Channel “Good Luck, Charlie”, performed her hit song “Ready or Not” and she looked beautiful and gorgeous. I got her album.

I hope Britney Spears and Carly Rose pick a good song and I hope it would not be a Britney Spears Songs but a Carly Rose song that would match her voice for they could do a duet together.

James Brock Eliminated from X-factor

James Brock

If you have been watching the x-factor, throughout the season, and we see contestants come and go, the judges have the say who goes and who stay –that’s the difficult part.  We hate to see them go. It’s not the judges fault. It’s America; we have to vote who we like.

The judges eliminated the wrong person Cece should have gone and James Brock should have stayed. James had a good voice when he sang, better than Cece. What’s with the leopard spots on her face? Is she trying to channel a leopard? It’s a fashion statement.  The judges should have judged on the voice and not the look, but in Hollywood, everything  is imaged. It depends how you look and present yourself to the audience and of course, your voice.

James Brock would make it in Hollywood. He has the voice, and he can sing. He has the image, and he’s gay. It doesn’t matter about his personal life, but he has the talent. I hope someone see’s him and give him  a record deal, or if he get’s a recommendation from his mentor LA Reid, he can rule the music industry.

The judging was a little bit different than last year, I see why Paula Abdul and Nicole were replaced because they could not make up their mind and took too long to decide, but will it happened again?  Will the ladies, Britney and Demi make a long decision sometime in the future of elimination even Simon does it too? It is always good to make a quick decision and then tell what did not work for the judges – that would be easy.

If the contestants, X-factor, American Idol and American Got Talent can stick to this lesson: match your voice to a song and pick the right song. Everything  is song choice, and we hear this from the judges all the time, pick the song that matches your voice and the contestants can be a winner. And dress to success, make a good appearance, dress to impress, and be a stand out in a crowd.

Writing Papers for Classes

How many times you have said this “Whew, I have done it” you have finished all your papers for your classes at the end of the semester in the fall at your university. If you were smart enough, you can do your papers ahead of time and turn it on time. Why turned it in early? What happens if you have an idea that pops into your head, and you already turned it in and wanted to add something originally, and the paper you turned early missed a few points? That’s not a good idea.

Well, you probably noticed I haven’t blogged enough on my blog only a few interesting blogs I have posted. I have been working on my Master degree in library science through ECU (EastCarolinaUniversity) [I hope I pass my classes] and sometimes professors online they give you many reading materials to read either online materials or books – which is a lot.

I have taken two courses online, which is the minimum. We can only take two classes online. Fall or Spring is the best time to take two courses or more. It depends on your online advisor of what you can do and lots of time management for a student in a college and university.

Summer time, I would take one course because it’s the summer time, and we need to go to the beach and have fun. And since we are taking one class remember the due date of the assignments, never turned it the assignment late – points can be taken off even if it is late. Don’t procrastinate and write a paper overnight.  Do it ahead of time and proofread it. In case an idea pops into your head it can be added.

Sometime it’s nice to break in between the courses. If you finished one of them early before the due date and the second one too before the due date, take a break. Sleep early and get a good night sleep. Then turn in the assignment on time, if you need to add something in the paper, and then do it. Do it quickly! And the next one too! You get ideas in your head. But how do we document ideas – I am having a Seinfeld moment.  Check your grammar and use the APA format and proper citation when writing any type of paper. Professors are somewhat picky of how we write papers. When writing papers we must write objective – this is no time to use humor in papers – only in blogs. Use an outline or a proposal outline when writing papers.

Did you know when writers write a book they have to submit a proposal paper to the literal agent and if the agent like it, then the author would write it? Make an outline and write the paper or book.

Drew’s Billie Jean Went Home

First, the judges like the strip down version of Billie Jean. It was done before, and this time it was Drew turn. It was her best performance.

I don’t know why America did not vote for Drew was it her performance or people think she was not connecting to the audience. She connected with me.

During the rehearsal, she suggested to Simon Cowel that Michael Jackson would not sit down and sang the song. It was an upbeat song stripped down. I know Simon was looking for some creative ways to perform the song, stripping the song for a vocal performance by Drew. However, it looked like he wasn’t thinking right, and the performance was weak but the other vocal performance was great.

Paula and Nicole disagree with Drew and made her cry. Drew was not happy. What?  They could not see her cry. I would change my mind if someone cries on stage. Make her comeback another week to prove that she can really perform. I bet people did vote her, and Marcus Cunty got his lowest vote for Pretty Young Thing. Simon was upset with the girls.

Finally, Astro went home. His performance of ‘Black and White’ did not go as he wanted to. Michael Jackson would be coming out of the grave! Don’t change the lyrics and put a rap in the beginning of the song. Astro has no talent. However, Drew has talent. Michael would say to Simon make her stand up and alone with the mike.

Even though Michael Jackson family was in audience, I wonder who they voted for? They should have a word in the judging for the final act who did the best and Drew would be safe.

I know who’s not coming to back for the next season for the X-factor.

X-Factor: Lakoda Rayne and LeRoy Bell Went Home

Even though Lakoda Rayne and LeRoy Bell went home last night, they were terrific in performing on stage and they gave it their all.

Did the x-factors fans got it right? Still Astro did not perform as well before, he got the sympathy votes to stay on for another week. Pretty sure the judges will be bored with his hip-hop rap original songs. Is he making an album? Can he sing previous artist songs? And save the originals for his album. If he does that he could make money out of it. He doesn’t need the five million-dollar contract money. What would a fifteen year-old  kid do with a five million-dollar contract? He would waste it all, and he would broke  again.

All the other contestants did a fantastic performance. They really honed their craft and listen to their mentor’s suggestions of how to make it better and connect to their fans. I was crying to some of their performance. It really connected to me.  When Astro performed, I took a bathroom break. I couldn’t hold it. I had a turkey sandwich in my hand.

The theme was for this week was giving thanks that inspired them and the parents who really believed they could do it.

I like Lakoda Rayne. They sang Taylor Swift’s “You belong with me” and they were good. They have gotten better over the past few weeks on the show. I was sure they would stay for another week. Unfortunately, they went home. I hope they would make a come back and someone could sign them for a record deal. I would definitely buy their CD when it comes out.

LeRoy Bell sang Arms of an Angel, which really moved me. His mother passed away two years ago and wanted to dedicate this song to his beloved mother. I was truly moved. I am going to download this song when my mom passes away – she’s still alive. I am trying to find some good songs for my mom what she would like before she dies. My mom hates me now.