How many times you have said this “Whew, I have done it” you have finished all your papers for your classes at the end of the semester in the fall at your university. If you were smart enough, you can do your papers ahead of time and turn it on time. Why turned it in early? What happens if you have an idea that pops into your head, and you already turned it in and wanted to add something originally, and the paper you turned early missed a few points? That’s not a good idea.

Well, you probably noticed I haven’t blogged enough on my blog only a few interesting blogs I have posted. I have been working on my Master degree in library science through ECU (EastCarolinaUniversity) [I hope I pass my classes] and sometimes professors online they give you many reading materials to read either online materials or books – which is a lot.

I have taken two courses online, which is the minimum. We can only take two classes online. Fall or Spring is the best time to take two courses or more. It depends on your online advisor of what you can do and lots of time management for a student in a college and university.

Summer time, I would take one course because it’s the summer time, and we need to go to the beach and have fun. And since we are taking one class remember the due date of the assignments, never turned it the assignment late – points can be taken off even if it is late. Don’t procrastinate and write a paper overnight.  Do it ahead of time and proofread it. In case an idea pops into your head it can be added.

Sometime it’s nice to break in between the courses. If you finished one of them early before the due date and the second one too before the due date, take a break. Sleep early and get a good night sleep. Then turn in the assignment on time, if you need to add something in the paper, and then do it. Do it quickly! And the next one too! You get ideas in your head. But how do we document ideas – I am having a Seinfeld moment.  Check your grammar and use the APA format and proper citation when writing any type of paper. Professors are somewhat picky of how we write papers. When writing papers we must write objective – this is no time to use humor in papers – only in blogs. Use an outline or a proposal outline when writing papers.

Did you know when writers write a book they have to submit a proposal paper to the literal agent and if the agent like it, then the author would write it? Make an outline and write the paper or book.