Xfactor Top 3: Carly Rose, Fifth Harmony and Tate Stevens

Vote for her
Vote for her

As you may know already the Top 3 performers were selected and next week the winner will be announced on the Xfactor for the final performance of the Christmas season or this season.

For the first time this week they were no save of whom will go home. But it was really by the votes of the American people who voted for the contestants for the grand finally for next week.

When they were announcing of who will stay the judges were on pins and needles. They did not who was going or being saved.

From Simon Cowell group Fifth Harmony was saved. Tension was mounting as Britney Spears  was nervously waiting for the results and worried if Carly Rose would go home.

Then from LA Reid the cowboy and country singer Tate Stevens was saved. Everyone loves country. It looks like voting procedure were either adults or teens who like country singer because of Taylor Swift.

From the last two contestants Carly Rose Sonenclar and Eblem 3 were waiting patiently and they eager of who will go home and who will be saved.

Carly Rose Sonnenclar was saved and she will compete with the remaining contestants. As for Eblem 3, it’s not the end of the world for them they were great and pretty sure they will get a record deal and be another boy band for Simon Cowell or Girl band Fifth Harmony. If Simon Cowell use sex appeal for Fifth Harmony girls  and a nice hip hop song it would be great. But it comes down with the voice and who will command the stage likes Carly Rose did and how she shines and lit up the stage with her voice. Or a country cowboy Tate Stevens, like Taylor Swift.  Will Tate Stevens write his song like Taylor Swift does especially relationship songs? He’s been married to his wife for 15 years.

Bridget M - 2Ready or not here she come Bridgit Mendler, from Disney Channel “Good Luck, Charlie”, performed her hit song “Ready or Not” and she looked beautiful and gorgeous. I got her album.

I hope Britney Spears and Carly Rose pick a good song and I hope it would not be a Britney Spears Songs but a Carly Rose song that would match her voice for they could do a duet together.

2 thoughts on “Xfactor Top 3: Carly Rose, Fifth Harmony and Tate Stevens

  1. Carly is the best she is going to win afortunatly she is going to win the.$5 millions and the contrat I love you Carly only do your best please doit for me I’m not there because I live in panama plese win.<3*music*

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