First, the judges like the strip down version of Billie Jean. It was done before, and this time it was Drew turn. It was her best performance.

I don’t know why America did not vote for Drew was it her performance or people think she was not connecting to the audience. She connected with me.

During the rehearsal, she suggested to Simon Cowel that Michael Jackson would not sit down and sang the song. It was an upbeat song stripped down. I know Simon was looking for some creative ways to perform the song, stripping the song for a vocal performance by Drew. However, it looked like he wasn’t thinking right, and the performance was weak but the other vocal performance was great.

Paula and Nicole disagree with Drew and made her cry. Drew was not happy. What?  They could not see her cry. I would change my mind if someone cries on stage. Make her comeback another week to prove that she can really perform. I bet people did vote her, and Marcus Cunty got his lowest vote for Pretty Young Thing. Simon was upset with the girls.

Finally, Astro went home. His performance of ‘Black and White’ did not go as he wanted to. Michael Jackson would be coming out of the grave! Don’t change the lyrics and put a rap in the beginning of the song. Astro has no talent. However, Drew has talent. Michael would say to Simon make her stand up and alone with the mike.

Even though Michael Jackson family was in audience, I wonder who they voted for? They should have a word in the judging for the final act who did the best and Drew would be safe.

I know who’s not coming to back for the next season for the X-factor.