Haunted AirBNB House

It’s late in the middle of the afternoon, and you just arrived at your Air BNB for the evening. Everything that you plan is right at this location. The house is gorgeous, space is magnificent, the smell is breathtaking, it’s like someone bakes fresh pies of your favorite and it is making your mouth watery that you want to eat it, it feels like home, more like your childhood memories.

Eventually, when you sleep in the comfy of the bed, things bump into the night. The window was opened, and the breeze of the wind is coming through, making the drapes fly open. You get up and close the window. When you turned around, you scream in terror. You just saw a ghost face to face of a dead girl. Her eyes are sunken, long black hair and a white gown. 

You rushed to get your things. You pack up stuff in the suitcase, ran downstairs, jumped into your car and not looking back. Eventually, the ghost is still there at the house.

In 2017, Air BNB released that the owners should release if the house has any paranormal activity, which means no one can’t back out of the contract that they have signed. Or talk with the owners.

Here are some of the Haunted Air BNB around the USA:

The Stroud House, Wake Forest, North Carolina

Before you checked in the Stroud House, the host not the ghost will tell you about the house. The house was built in 1940. It’s been in the family for many generations. It’s located just a block from downtown Wake Forest, includes plenty of shiplap, the listing has its private entrance and sleeps three on one-queen size bed and a twin.

And it is haunted.

Witness has experiences footsteps in the hallway, lights turning on and off on their own. Orbs in the living room. A Shadowy figure in the kitchen (maybe it’s making pancakes), and the scary part is – a music box that plays by itself! (that’s even scarier)

Many people who have stayed in the house. I have not to experience the haunting, which is a good thing. If you don’t bother them, they will not bother you.

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The Manor: St. Paul, MN

This Manor is a good deal. For $55 a night, you can stay in the most beautiful and mysterious house in St. Paul.

According to Sean Doyle, the owner of the house, not only you will get scared, but you will also have strange visions of girls dressed in white who died in the home. In 1883, the girls were the descendants of the family who built the house.

In 1908, Rosalia Fihn had caught typhoid fever died. Doyle identified her in a photograph, based on the vision he’d had, that is placed on the dresser.

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Laura’s Cottage, Savannah, Georgia

In 1799, this beautiful cottage called Laura’s Cottage was one of the charming cottages. It features pine beams, antique furnishings, and a Juliet balcony where you can call out your lover next door, but don’t let down your hair. It’s also been modernized and updated, so you have all today conveniences that you needed. And they have gorgeous flowers.

We don’t know who Laura is, however, there’s a ghost that haunts the cottage. Witnesses have claimed that she makes herself known by opening windows and playing with lights on and off.

This cottage was featured in Robert Redford’s film “The Conspirator,” and it is a favorite for the local ghost tours too. You won’t find a space like this in Savannah, and it’s one of the favorite haunts. So see it yourself.

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Farnam Manor in Richfield, Ohio

In 1834, in Farnam Manor, the owner’s daughter drowned in a well. Since that happened, witness, have claimed to see her spirit on the grounds, and at the house. To experience the sighting of her apparition, one must bring your RV and spent the night on the grounds. If you do see her. You have no place to run, only your camper.

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Parks-Bowman Mansion, New Orleans

In the 1890s in New Orleans, there’s a quiet mansion called Parks Bowman Mansion, and legend has it is haunted by a young girl who has been seen floating around in a yellow dress.

So if you spent the night here, you might get a chance to see her.

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Are you brave enough to stay?

Please comment your story.

Mary Reynolds Babcock Hall Haunted Dorm

Building 2a

In the summer of 2009, a student stayed in Mary Reynolds Babcock Hall in Winston Salem, North Carolina.  Many students have reported that the Hall is haunted.

mary B 2

A large painting of  Mary Babcock stands near the entrance of the doors.

The story goes, if you are polite and say hello to the painting. The ghost of Mary would not bother you.

Some of the students were skeptical about the paranormal and maybe don’t believe it.  So some of the students decided to yell profanity and moon at the painting.

Unfortunately, an hour later, while walking the down the stairs, one student fell for no reason and sustained a broken leg. The student even witnesses the accident.

One student said:

“My own experience came about a week, in the middle of the night. We always left the doors to our rooms open because the dorm had no AC and it was cooler with the doors open. I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, and as I sat up in bed. I noticed a figure moving past the door. I saw it as it had almost passed the door and all I saw the back end and tail of a long dress, very old-timey looking gown. I stepped into the hallway to investigate, but I saw nothing. I did, however, feel a cold breeze in the hallway which was unusual because usually, it was so hot. It was tough to sleep.”    

If you ever are Winston Salem, definitely take the ghost tour of the university, you will not be disappointed.


Haunted Universities in North Carolina

Did you know the College and Universities that you sent your son and daughter to study to get a real education is haunted?

Anyway, we do have haunted universities in North Carolina, and they are:

Lees-McRae College

Lees McRae College

Established in 1900, Lees-McRae College is named after Suzanna Lee and Elizabeth McRae, named by founder Reverend Edgar Tufts after a renowned educator (Lee) and the school’s benefactor (McRae). A friendly ghost, Emily Draughn, is said to be found around Tate Dorm.

Tate Building - Lees McRae College 2

The site of the dormitory was once Grace Memorial Hospital, which was where Emily died of tuberculosis during the 1930s. Emily made her presence known by making phone calls, operating the elevator, confusing corridors, and shifting furniture. Emily doesn’t appear to have any malicious tendencies. But she exists.

Haunted Universities

Chowan University

chowan-university 1

Founded in 1848 and with a current student body of only 1200 students, Chowan University is known for its united atmosphere and its athletic record. What the school is also known for, however, is its long history of paranormal disturbances.

Chowan-university Mixion Hall 2

A ghost haunts the second floor of the Mixion Hall in the Music Hall. Student’s have been reporting to hear music when they get to the room. The piano stops. It was said that someone hanged himself in that room.

Chowan-university Belk Hall

In Belks Hall, students have heard a little girl giggling while riding her tricycles down the stairs. And screams of someone who committed suicide.

Columms Building Chowan

The “Brown Lady” is perhaps the most frightening and famous apparition that haunts the school. Lingering on the third floor of the Columns Building, her footsteps have been heard, leading to brief chases by security guards suspecting unauthorized students.

Queens College

Salem College

salem college

Salem College has undergone some transformations since its founding in 1772. Originally built as a primary school, it later was turned into a high school, and then finally a college. It is consistently ranked among the best colleges in the nation and has the distinction of being the United States’s oldest female educational establishment that is still a women’s college.

gramley hall 2

An institution with over two centuries of continued use is bound to have a colorful history, and Salem is no exception. The Gramley Building is the site of a library where two girls were killed in an electrocution accident in 1907. According to reports, the girls visibly manifest and scream at students. Similarly, a student allegedly hanged herself in the attic of Gramley’s dormitory, leading to students hearing dragging and scratching sounds from the attic.

clewell Hall 2

A young girl fell down an elevator shaft in Clewell’s dormitory, making many believe her presence is still in the building. The school’s other dormitory, Babcock, is said to have a painting in its lobby of Mary Reynolds (daughter of R.J. Reynolds), whose eyes that follow students as they walk by. Last, but certainly not least, the Fine Arts Center has had a variety of paranormal disturbances, including a phantom pianist who plays pianos and organs, and a patron who died in Theatre #2 and still lingers to this day. Creepy.

The Greensboro Ghost

Western Carolina University


The story that has floated around WCU for decades involves two female roommates in the 1960s that decided to remain on campus during a school break. Supposedly, one of the girls left the room to take a shower but was gone for a suspiciously long time. When the other girl went to investigate, she stood frozen by the door as a set of scratching noises accompanied a scream from the hallway. Out of seemingly nowhere, a repairman walked by outside the dorm’s window and yelled up that everything was okay, and for the girl to stay in her room. She obliged out of a crippling fear, but as it turns out, the other girl had been raped and murdered.

Moore Hall 2 WCU 3

Rumors suggest that the spirit of the murdered girl never left the Moore Building, instead of staying to terrify future classes of girls with screaming and crying bouts. In a strange twist on the regular ghost story, the murderer was arrested and served time in a mental institution, only to die in the mid-1980s. Since then, the sightings of the murdered girl’s ghost have been spotted and believe to be wandering the Hallway.

Scott Hall WCU 2

In the 1990s Scott Hall began its conversion to “the dark side.” During this time, it is said that a female student hung herself in the East Wing of the building. Her motives for suicide are not known, but the legend lives on. The floor was closed for many years afterward because numerous people reported having seen the young lady there.

Harrill Hall WCU 2a

Built in 1971, the fifth floor of Harrill Hall has a similar history of unusual occurrences. According to legend, a girl died of an asthma attack while having a sleepover with her boyfriend. Unfortunately, she suffocated in her sleep. Her ghost is now said to haunt the fifth floor of Harrill, along with the building’s elevators. The elevators sometimes open only on the first and fifth floors, but other times they open on all floors when no one is aboard. People on the fifth floor have reported strange occurrences and the feeling of being watched, as well. This girl seems to have influenced numerous parts of Harrill Hall, of which the WCU community should take note. Harrill Hall underwent a major renovation during the 2011-2012 school years.

So have you taken a ghost tour of your university?

Tell me your story




Valentine’s Day Killing

Mann and Mcbane

It was in 1971, a young couple was found gagged, tortured and killed in the woods in Orange County, in Durham North Carolina.  Investigators said they have a person of interest and close to solve this unsolved case. None of the witnesses have claimed who would kill this couple and left them to die.

Jesse Mcbane, 19, of Pittsboro picked up his girlfriend, Patricia Mann, 20, a nursing student at Watts Hospital.  The couple was excitedly headed to a Valentine’s Dance at Watts Hospital in Durham.

Unfortunately, they were brutally murder.  They were discovered in a forest, off a one-track dirt road in Orange County. They were tied to a tree.  The injuries sustained were brutal. Their hands had been tied with thick ropes behind their backs to a tree, and ropes were stretched tight and knotted around their necks. They were strangled. Although still tied to the tree, their upper bodies had slumped over so that they laid side by side next to each other in the woods. Autopsy reports showed a half-inch tear in her liver, which could have been a fist blow to her stomach that could have killed her.

Rumors have been flying that the killer was in the area. He knew about the couple. Somewhere connected to the hospital.

Some people have claimed they have seen the couple ghost in the hospital but disappear in the walls of the dance hall in the Watts Hospital and music of the 1970’s would play. Having their last dance together.

But who would kill the young couple?



Midnight Classes

sleep-in-class 2

There are some universities that will teach a midnight class, if the student is willing to go to a class in their pajamas and bring a robe, and must be clean.  Body odor and a pillow is a prerequisite. On the other hand, they get to have great parking spaces near the classroom at night. And no, it’s not astronomy class at night.

Nevada https://www.csn.edu/ is one of the colleges that offer midnight classes.  The 2-year college with 12 campuses in southern Nevada, including the main campus in Las Vegas, chose to offer midnight classes in the spring 2010 semester due to an increase in enrollment–of approximately 8,000 students from spring 2009 to spring 2010, said Johnson. The Nevada school offered sections of biology and math in the spring, and are expanding offerings for the fall to include astronomy. “What better time to offer astronomy then at midnight?” Johnson said. The classes all were held in one building adjacent to the biology labs, but otherwise, the classes were the same without any modifications–except for the time of day. The lectures remain nearly similar to that of their morning counterparts, and the same laboratories and times are given to students. Johnson said many of the college’s students work second shift at casinos, so “for them, midnight is their noon.” Mary Bennett, the professor of Southern Nevada’s midnight biology class, said that the course ran the exact same way as her daytime courses. “I am a very lively teacher so falling asleep is not allowed in my class,” she said. The only difference that she noticed between a midnight and daytime course was “the great parking.” Johnson and her staff aren’t alone in scheduling classes at unusual hours.

“We have a 24-hour town here, this is when our students work,” said Sally Johnson, dean of the School of Math and Science at the College of Southern Nevada.

Bunker Hill Community College in Boston http://www.bhcc.mass.edu/ and Clackamas Community College  https://www.clackamas.edu/ in Oregon have already had successful introductions to midnight courses.

At Bunker Hill, the college offers introductory English and psychology classes at midnight. Because of overflowing attendance in the day time, they were other options too, online course, but some of the students wanted to take a midnight class instead.

Clackamas Community College initially offered a midnight welding course one night per week; it became so popular, that it was extended to four nights a week.

Anne Arundel Community College http://www.aacc.edu/  in Maryland is planning to offer midnight sections of psychology in the fall.

Also, big name universities places in California and New York and other popular universities are offering classes after midnight.

The extra assignments, if they want to pass a class, is to bring food and share it with the rest of the class, they must stay awake for a pop quiz. You can’t sleep on a quiz. It wouldn’t be a pop quiz.






Queens College Hauntings

Queens University

Queen’s College in Charlotte North Carolina appears to be a hot bed of paranormal activity. In one dorm is the unhappy weeping ghost of a young woman who was in love with another woman. When her parents found out, she killed herself by cutting her wrists in a girls dorm. The next morning she had written her love letters to Julie in blood on the wall. Down thru the years students have seen Julie and the messages on the wall written in blood. Phantom knocks on walls and doors as well as doors opening and closing on their own.

Students claimed to hear the girl’s ghost weeping and some even claimed to see her with wrists cut walking in the bathroom all bloody and dripping of blood.

The apparitions of Civil War era soldiers are seen on campus as well as the phantom sounds of screams

Several years later another male student hung himself one night and the next morning his body was found swinging from a rope. Some students have claimed to see the ghost of the body swinging from his rope and have even called for Police only to have the Police find no hanging student when they arrive. And it has happened several times over the years.

Some students have claimed to see Civil War era soldiers in the area of Queens College and on the grounds.

And many students say in a small area on the college and over the years mentioned that some students committed suicide on campus.

Albright Residence Hall and Wallace Residence are the most active cases of paranormal activity.

What’s that behind you?


North West Middle School Haunted – Charlotte NC

It is said that a ghost of a girl name Sadie, from the 1950’s, haunts the school. They say that she spent a lot of time at the school because her father was a mean drunk and always beating her.

 One afternoon, she came home late, her father came after her, and she took off down the street. Since she felt safe at school, she tried to go there, but while crossing the street in front of the school. She got hit by a truck and died instantly near the school.

People are saying she felt safe at school, her spirit stayed in the school. Faculty and students can hear her banging on the pipes and desk will move and rattle in the classrooms. Bathroom stalls will flush, and the doors will be opened.

“I was in the bathroom putting on makeup for a boy I like. I bent down to my purse to grab a lip-gloss. When I lifted my head in the mirror, I saw a reflection of a girl in the mirror. I said to her ‘Are you new to the school?’ she did not say anything to me. She just looked at me somewhat creepy. Then her face change. Her eyes were sunk in, she came at me very fast, and when I turned around to the bathroom stall doors, she was gone. That was the first time I saw her.” Beth said, a former middle school student. Beth ran out of the bathroom.

In the auditorium, if one will look back to the attic window where the projector was, you can see something moving like a person moving around in there. The door of the projector room was locked. The stairs leading up the projector room, you will get chills on the back of your neck to warn you not to go up there.

Do you feel a chill next to you?

Is your hair on your arm standing up?

She’s right next to you.

This is a TRUE STORY