The Greensboro University’s Ghost


The school was established as a women’s college by legislative enactment on February 18, 1891.  First, it was a State Normal and Industrial School and it opened October 5, 1892. The school provided instruction in business, domestic science, and teaching with a student body of 223 and a faculty of 15 in its first year. R. S. Pullen and R. T. Gray gave the original 10-acre (40,000 m2) site in Greensboro, N.C. where the first building was erected with state funds totaling $30,000. It is the first and only public university in North Carolina founded for the purpose of educating women. In 1949, it became the largest all-female institution in the United States.

The school has seen many names over the years, changing from the “State Normal and Industrial School” to the State Normal and Industrial College in 1896.

In 1919 to North Carolina College for Women. In 1932, it changed to the Woman’s College of the University of North Carolina. Finally, in 1963 to University of North Carolina at Greensboro when men were first admitted.

It is remembered fondly by many graduates of the Woman’s College simply as “the W.C.”

The university offers more than 100 undergraduate, 61 master’s and 26 doctoral programs.  The university’s academic schools and programs include the College of Arts & Sciences, the Joseph M. Bryan School of Business & Economics, the School of Education, the School of Health and Human Sciences, the Joint School of Nanoscience & Nano-engineering (one of the first such schools in the nation), the School of Music, Theatre & Dance, the School of Nursing, Continual Learning, Graduate School, Warren Ashby Residential College and Lloyd International Honors College. The university is also home to the nationally renowned Weatherspoon Art Museum, which features one of the largest and most impressive collections of modern American art in the country. Plus one of the best university in North Carolina.

Since it is rich in history, it also has their hauntings.  Here are few locations on campus that you can experience paranormal activity and ghostly sightings.

PIC13265_2 North Spencer Renovated

In the late 1960s, the Spencer Residence Hall ghost was known simply as “The Blue Ghost” or “The Woman in Blue.”  In the early 1980s, students gave her the name “Annabelle,” possibly alluding to the subject of Edgar Allan Poe’s classic poem “Annabel Lee.”

It said that , Annabelle is the spirit of a student who hanged herself many years ago in one of the building’s bell towers; The strange part is  there was no suicide recorded. Who is haunted the building?

A member of the residence hall staff reported that Annabelle had “appeared as a blue shadow on two occasions in the Spencer’s main parlor and when the building was closed for the Summer in 1976, the same staff member heard the ghost “dragging something on the floor out in the lobby. ”There have been other reports of a blue haze passing by a second-floor laundry room and of objects being flung across rooms.

In South Spencer in the early 1980s, an apparition reportedly awakened two different staff member on two separate occasions by walking into their rooms. The building had been closed for vacations both times. It is not known whether this was Annabelle or another ghost or ghosts.

Mary Foust


Mary Foust Residence Hall, build in 1928, was named for Mary Foust Armstrong, daughter of the college’s second president, Julius Isaac Foust.  Mary was a member of the class of 1920, and she died when giving birth in 1925. Some believe that her ghost took up residence in the dormitory that bears her name. Students who have stayed in the dormitory have heard crying and footsteps running in the middle of the night when the students were asleep on the second floor.

There was a picture of Mary Foust portrait, which was hang above the fireplace, but it, disappear some time ago without a trace.  In the 1950’s three nursing students hanged themselves from the rafters in the attic, it was impossible of how they were hanged and how did they get up there?

Jane Ayccok Audiotoriume

Jane Aycock 2

The Aycock Auditorium (1927), located on the corner of Spring Garden and Tate Street, the Aycock Building was built. Before that, the college bought the land and demolished a small old house that was on the property to accommodate the building. The spirit of Jane Aycock hanged herself and now she haunts the building.

In 1988, theater professor, Tom Behm was spooked when he encountered Jane. He was directed Bye, Bye Birdie, and had accidentally left his briefcase at his office in the theater. It was late when he came back to pick it up.

“It was late that night when I forgot to grade some quizzes. I was with friends early in the evening and didn’t notice the time. It was quite dark and rainy. I thought it I would pick up my briefcase. When I entered the building, it was quiet. The stage was dark.  My office was across the stage, there were some lights on the side of the seats. Not that dark enough, but I could see where I was going. No one was there. I was the only one there.  When I approached the middle of the stage, the stage lights came on. Then it flashes on and off for a while. Then a white kind of apparition smoke like thing passed across the stage and came down the steps and it was walking towards me.  I ran quickly to my office. Opened the door. I saw my briefcase and picked it up ran across the stage. Everything was gone. Nothing was there on the stage. I ran out of the building.” Tom Behm said.  Telling his story to a local newspaper reporter.

In 1995, a student spotted a very fair, white –looking woman with light colored hair walking past the window, from the outside.

In 1997, a student was in the basement of the building during the staging of a musical. He saw something white walking up the stairway into the orchestra pit.  Another student who was getting props for a musical felt a hand on the shoulder. She was startled and turned around but no one was there.

In 2006, a technical crew and costume shop supervisor, they encountered stories of lights and radios coming on and flashes of light mysteriously flickering on and off.  Some even hear footsteps across the stage late at night.

Better chance don’t go into the basement alone at night!

Boo! What’s that behind you!

Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek MP

To go boldly where no one else has gone before, the trip to the beach theater in Kill Devil Hills was good, except when I keep saying “Engage!” to myself and I kept laughing at myself while I was driving (I needed a travel companion with me).  When I got to the planet, (the movie theater) I saw different aliens (people).  One was dressed like Khan, from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan from 1982. Ricardo Montalban played Khan that was awkward, I am one too.

The story focused on interpersonal relationships of the principals, disrupted with an unexpected crisis, which sets a plot in motion involving a villain motivated by the belief that he’s doing the right thing, necessitating the aid of a resourceful escapee (Jayla, a spirited homage to Jennifer Lawrence’s Ree Dolly in WINTER’S BONE, played by Sofia Boutella). Everything it does right is also everything STAR TREK BEYOND does wrong.

Directed by Justin Lin, written by Simon Pegg (who plays Cmdr. Montgomery “Scotty” Scott) and Don Jung, the third chapter in the Star Trek reboot opens with a distress call from a stranded vessel lures the crew of the USS Enterprise into a familiar no-win scenario (Kobayashi Maru): a marooned villain, Krall (Idris Elba), seeks vengeance against Captain Kirk and the United Federation of Planets toward whom he directs his misguided wrath.

With this slow moving action- pack- sci-fi-adventure, I love the TV show from 1987 – 1994, Captain Jean-Luc Picard played by Patrick Stewart he was a better actor. I like the way he command the Star Ship Enterprise. I wanted to rent a vehicle from him, but unfortunately, they did not have a Star Ship Enterprise at the Enterprise Rental Car Business.

Sure Star Trek Beyond is an entertaining ride, J.J Abrams is great producer and director and he wanted to do a reboot and create another Star Trek movie after this, sorry spoiler alert, yep it’s happening.  Sulu’s (John Cho) sexual orientation is at the center of why the J.J. Abrams-produced reboot runs afoul of the spirit.

And Star Trek is always, tackling complex social issues with inventive and diplomatic situation. So wonder, the plot was little bit confuse. How about race in America? That will be great story line and they could rely on violence to captivate the audiences has always been the franchise’s Achilles’ heel.

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Melania Trump’s Speechwriter

speech writer

Melania-Trump kept saying that it was her own words when she made the speech a night ago, but apparently it was her speechwriter who wrote it.

Will she come back to the convention speak as Donald Trump does? He uses notes and bullet points when preparing a speech and occasionally he gives an impromptu speech, that’s when he goes a little crazy but he sticks to subject matter of what he’s going to say and throw out good one liners and zingers for that we can remember and vote for the guy? What? No!

Maybe Eric and Tiffany Trump would cover for their mother speech and write their own speech.  They should do like their father when he gives a speech to take notes and uses bullet point and focus what to say. What happens when the teleprompter goes, will the recite Abraham Lincoln speech? They should hire comedy writers to do their speech, not professional speechwriters in politic journalism. Comedy writers know how to write good jokes and poke fun at themselves in a good way and persuade us to like you and vote for you.  Never hire a speechwriter who worked with other candidates who lost the election.

The person who recognized the speech was Jarret Hill, retired journalist, who recognized the speech from 2008 when Michelle Obama gave a speech for the Democratic Convention back in 2008, it was certain phrases that he recognized and remembered?  How did he know this? He had a great memory and he looked it up on the internet.  For me I don’t remembered what I did ten years ago. Oh yeah, I was a teacher back then, I retired and now I blog.  Still no one wants to hire me as a math teacher?  I can write.

Melania-Trump speech was similar but not exact, it was like a cut and paste type. Her speechwriter put it together, when she presented, a lack of emotion. Mrs. Obama put emotion. Who was better? Still Mrs. Obama she used emotion.

I hope Eric and Tiffany use emotion when giving their speeches. Oh well.

Ghostbuster 3: they are backk

ghostbusters MP

There’s something weird in the multiplex. Who you gonna call? Script doctors. Did you know Ghostbuster is number 1 this weekend trailing right behind is The Secret Life of Pets?

The movie wasn’t that bad, I just like the phrase, plus I needed to grab your attention to read my review.

Anyway, this movie takes you away from all the hoopla from the presidential candidates and family drama. The movie itself is silly and fun to watch.

Your children could clean up their room and one of them is cooking, which is good. Give the child who is cooking for you put them in your will, and give this child money when your child graduate from High School and a college fund. The other two, they have to earned your trust.

We wish they would grow up and they are teenagers! They make good grades but they are kind of slobs. Do you think? No offense.

My house is a mess from these two! Ugh! Teenagers when would they ever learned, hiring a maid is too expensive, last time we hired a maid and something got stolen!

We went to see Ghostbuster 3, the kids were quiet, and they watch the movie like normal adults. They behave properly at the theater but when they got home, they are a mess again! Calgon take me away!

Erin Gilbert (Wigg), of course. She’s a paranormal researcher and Columbia University instructor whose book, “Ghosts From Our Past: Both Literally and Figuratively,” was co-written with her childhood friend Abby (McCarthy). (Not an SNL Alumni, but she hosted the show) Although Erin has since recanted her belief in ectoplasmic life, Abby is still determined to catch and examine a real-life ghost — now with the help of her new research partner, Jillian Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon).

Leslie Jones is a freaked out MTA worker and aficionado of early Manhattan history. She joins the team, she brings along her own expertly delivered one-liners (not to mention her uncle’s hearse). Leslie Jones is hysterical to watch.  She made me laugh so hard, a popcorn got stuck in my nostrils and I did the Heimlich maneuver on myself and the popcorn landed on someone else popcorn and she ate it. She mumbled it was salty.

Chris Hemsworth played the male secretary for the paranormal team. What? Males can be secretary too and they are good at their job.

Oh by the way, they have a lot of cameos in the movie, that I was surprised to see. So it was not that bad, it was good.  The late Harold Ramis was honored in memoriam in an early scene. Cecily Strong played the Mayor, she was somewhat good.

The ghosts in the movie, maybe cheesy with CGI, it was okay.  They had slimmer, not so friendly like Casper the friendly ghost; I did not know that ghost shoots up slime when they exploded.

Don’t forget to watch the ending of the movie, there are some surprises at the end.

harold_ramis 2

The Late Grate Harold Ramis (November 21, 1944 – February 24, 201), he is being remembered. He won the BAFTA Award for Best Original Screenplay for “Groundhog Day” which star his good buddy Bill Murray.

Overall, it was good to watch it. I give it 3 out 4.  Go see it. You would not be disappointed.

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America’s Got Talent: Simon Cowell Comforts Teen Rapper.

AGT judges

I have been watching America’s Got Talent because it is must see TV this summer on NBC, if you are not watching it, then you are missing it. So watch America’s Got Talent before it goes on break during the Summer Olympics on August 5.

They have all variety of acts, from singers, freak show, magic acts, comedians and danger acts.

Simon Cowell is back and judging the acts, along with Heidi Klum, Mel B, and Howie Mandel. Nick Cannon is the host.

Simon Cowell is the most recognized judge on the British TV competition series Pop Idol, The X Factor, and Britain’s Got Talent, and the American TV talent competition shows American Idol, The X Factor, and America’s Got Talent. Cowell owns the television production and music publishing house Syco.

He knows how to find great talent, he wants to see personality, what they can do and challenge themselves to take a risk.

If you are watching any of the shows, you will see how each contestants up their game to be better in the show. In other words, impress them again, of what they can do and win the competition.

This is the real world, you have to impress people of what you can do and do it again. If you think, you are a better singer. Then sing, if they tell you sound is not ready it, then looked at the previous winners and see how they do it. They worked hard on their craft, they started young, which is good, and they had professional help to better at their game. And they perform locally in their community area to get a chance of fame. In other words, getting experience, like a job.

Here are the highlights and the top acts that they are going to the live shows.

Sofie Dawson 1


The evening’s big winner was 14 year-old contortionist Sofie Dossi, who earned a golden buzzer from guest judge Reba McEntyre.


Along with Kadie was another contortionist by the name of Vello Vaher, he walked with his hands and hang from his teeth.

Magic Kids

The brother and sister magician act of Kaden Rocket. Few weeks ago, he cut his sister in half. Then again, he pulled out gorgeous women from a suitcase. I wonder how he made it from the TSA agents from the airport.


Transgender comic Julia Scotti, was funny. Her act was observation humor and poking fun of herself.  Someone please put her on a Nickelodeon show if she doesn’t make it through.


Knife throwing daredevils Deadly Games.


The other comic, Adam Grabowski didn’t go as plan.  He should have kept it clean. He got an X for the evening. His set was women and ice cream and how they were aroused by it.  Not funny and portion of it was edit out. He should have kept it clean.  He was booed off with crickets sound.

“While I am disappointed with the way my act was cut, I am thankful to AGT for the experience. The thing to keep in mind about any form of reality TV is: editing.”

Steven Drugane Rubki Cubes

Steven Brundage, the Rubik cube magic did not go through to the next round. Why? They showed him doing a Rubik Cube magic trick to get out from a speeding ticket. Maybe it was years ago when it happens, but he is clean now and wanted to pursue in magic with a Rubik cube in the future.  He’s good in what he is doing. Stop digging up contestants past lives. They want to change their lives and look at him now. He’s getting calls to perform magic with a Rubik cubes all over the United States.



Kadie Lynn

The Final came to two performers Skylar whose musical influences are Biggie Small and Tupac and 12 year country singer Kadie Lynn.

Cowell approached the heartbroken girl as she left the stage, telling her, “I’m sorry.  I don’t want you to think for one second that you did anything wrong because you didn’t.”

Backstage, Skylar ran into her parents’ arms for comfort. “I am disappointed, but I am going to keep going,” she said.  That’s the positive attitude you have to do.

Another seven will advance.

“America’s Got Talent” airs Tuesdays and Wednesdays on NBC.


So You Think You Are Smart: Summer Travelers

DSCF0022Ahhh, the beach, the sand, and hot bodies of people getting tan by laying on their beach towel on the hot sand. Do people actually turn over every half an hour, or just fall asleep on the hot sand? When they actually awaken, they look like a giant walking crab zombie!

Sometime people with binoculars like to scan and look at people walking along the shoreline of the ocean, looking at gorgeous bodies not running in slow motion. Then two gorgeous legs appear in front of mine binoculars. I look up and it’s a lifeguard and she ask me:

“What you doing? I heard people are complaining that you are looking at them. Would you mind putting it away?” The lifeguard said. She was wearing a red bikini and reflector sunglasses. What a body she had. She must workout.

“Sure, I am just looking for sharks” I said nervously.

“Yeah, right. Thank you.” The lifeguard said.

Then the lifeguard runs to her lifeguard stand, and I decided to look at the lifeguard through my binoculars again. What a body.

Harnes a child

Anyway, when we traveled we have to protect our children. Do you know a child gets lost every day, because they see adorable monkeys or better yet gets too close to the ocean and they see a pretty mermaid? And they get missing! Put a leash or a harness on your children and strapped them down in a stroller. They have seatbelts in them use it. Tell them it’s a rollercoaster ride and make them believe it.

Food Poision 1

If you are going to a foreign country overseas or some island by a ship cruise, don’t get food poisoning. Have you seen the news lately? Tourists are getting sick or either dying. Sometime foreign hospitals are not up to code to determine of what you got? They might say you are pregnant? What? No! And the hospital bills, that will give someone a heart attack!

Food poisoning is common when you eat something that is not cook properly. If they have a MacDonald’s or Kentucky Fried Chicken nearby eat there and make sure the food is properly cook.  Don’t eat food from the street you never know a fly or a mosquito landed on the food earlier ago. Sushi is out of the question, many people get sick eating raw fish that is not clean properly. I got sick once and it wasn’t good. I lost five pounds.

Carry some antibiotics for food poisoning. You never know, you will get it.

Here are some treatments that may help you:

  • Drink clear soda, non-caffeinated drinks, sports drinks, Gatorade. You’re getting enough fluid, when you’re urinating normally your urine is clear and not dark.
  • Ease back into eating. Gradually begin to eat bland food items (no spicy – it may irritated your stomach), low-fat easy to digest food, such as saltine crackers, toast, gelatin, bananas and rice. Stop eating if your nausea returns.
  • Don’t take dairy products, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine (cigarettes), fatty or highly seasoned foods, and spicy foods.
  • Rest the illness and dehydration can weakens and tire you.
  • Otherwise, call 911.