Tibetan Bear 1

Is the Yeti Real?

Is the Yeti real or not, or is it a Tibetan bear that walks on its hind legs and wave it’s arms to scare people to get the picnic basket when they run away from the bear. There’s no food during the winter months in the mountain, because it is covered in snow.  The Yeti is a large hairy creature resembling a human or bear, said to live in the highest part of the Himalayas.

The only animals that live in the Himalayas are Tibetan bears. Can they resemble the Yeti with extra fur coat of other dead bears to keep warm?

Or, it has been suggested that the yeti is the Chu-Teh, a Langur monkey that lives at lower altitudes, the Tibetan blue bear or the Himalayan brown bear. Can they wear extra fur coats of dead bears to keep warm?

Sources say it hangs out anywhere, not in bars to keep warm, but in the icy peaks of Himalayas. The cold area of Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and India. Eyewitness have seen it further afield in Mongolia.

Earlier this year, a yeti like monster was spotted in the slopes of Spain of the ski resort of Formigal, in north-eastern Spain. Probably the Yeti was thinking to go skiing?

If you decide to hunt the creature yourself: don’t.  Some of the bears are nocturnal, they like to eat and hunt at night.

(Most people like us like to raid the refrigerator at night.)

They whistle and growl to attract people.

(We burp.)

They run fast on all fours, but if you see them walking on two feet, they probably eating leaves from tree.

(We just stood there when someone puts on the light, like your spouse.)

Unfortunately, these bears can kill you with a single punch.

(We are getting too fat. Or probably we eat like a bears.)

By the way, I still like the documentaries when it is a mystery. Is it real or not. For an example, Cannibal in the Jungle, it made people talk about it and do research, like go to the library and do research. The body found of a Mermaid. We were hook on it. Was it real? They got us. I like the “What if” possibilities of these creature were real. I missed that. It was entertaining to watch.

Then put a disclaimer at the end of the show.  Bring back these documentaries style shocker and the let the TV audiences flip out and scientist too. Ratings were good for these shows.