Symone Black suffers from dehydration, and she was checked into the hospital for observation it was minor. No bones were broken from, maybe her pride, but teens do need to be hydrate like drinking water only, not soda. Water is good and food too. Drink lots of water for the voice and make sure there’s a bathroom nearby, drinking water may results to going to the bathroom.

And there was drama, everywhere. I did not know there was so much of American Idol logo popping out of there mouths. Teens and adults were eager to get into groups.

We join a group with Brielle Von Hugel, Shannon Magrane and some other people. Brielle has a crazy stage mom which thinks she knows everything. I swear to god, if I was there and my mom was hanging around, I’d tell her to take a celebrity tour bus and look for a talent agent.

Symone Black is back and has to find a group, while her stage dad follows her around. Seriously, he’s like the dad from theJacksonfamily. She finds a group, and dad makes them huddle up. I’m with Symone – just get outta here, dad.

It’s funny, we now have a montage like something out of “The Stand” – everyone girl-from-the-woods Amy has come into contact with is getting sick with her crazyTennesseeflu that probably is only cured with moonshine or something. But Amy will be OK, because she’s got Jesus helping her out. She don’t need Jesus. She needs a doctor or wear a containment suit for she won’t give her cold to the other contestants.

Brianna Bell literally goes from a group to group to group and dismisses nearly every song choice she hears and runs away. Meanwhile, Amy teams with the assertive (and annoying) Alicia, but Alicia Bernhart is quickly edged out of her own group when her team members balk at performing “Joy to the World.” It’s not a Christmas song. That’s what every teen thinks.

Alicia is still searching aimlessly for a group. However, instead of changing her strict song preference from “Joy to the World,” or “Stuck Like Glue,” she starts badgering contestants about whether or not they like cops (she’s a cop). She finds a girl whose dad is a cop, and she is (finally) silenced. Someone took the microphone away from her.

One kid looks ready to barf right in the middle of Blu Cantrell’s “Hit ‘Em Up Style” and Alicia’s teammate, Christian, has to take a two-hour break to rest up. Even when he comes back downstairs to practice, he starts clutching his stomach and lies on his back, worrying his group. Luckily, Amy is confident her illness won’t get her down. Is he packin’ Emergen-C?

The Scotty McCreery the Sequel, aka Richie Law, is trying to put his musical theory knowledge to good use (pretentious, much?) and also infuses the group with some questionable dance moves, like salsa. “This is not how we break down,” Heejun Han says adamantly, and also says he may go home tomorrow as he rages war with the cowboy. They also have a sick contestant, Phillip Phillips, who gets logged down with a kidney stone. “Now I have a very, very bad perspective towards cowboys,” Heejun says of bossy Ritchie. “Even the Dallas Cowboys.

Brianna, after finally finding a song worthy of her talents, is now in one of the more dramatic girl groups, The Betties. There’s arguing, there’s crying and there’s even a very emotional phone call home from Jennifer, who is the only one staying awake all night to practice. Brianna, however, bursts into the ballroom at 3 a.m. and declares herself Jennifer’s guardian angel. “I’m not leaving,” she screams and the two work on their choreography. Insert triumphant Rocky running music here. The next morning, The Betties regroup and are the first up to bat in front of the judges. Jennifer opens her mouth to sing…wait till next week to see the call back audition.  The tension heats up.