Last night was theme of Billy Joel songs being sung by American Idol contestants.

The group sang Billy Joel song, “The longest Time” great song, but they weren’t in tune, but they did learn the lyrics of the song. That’s good enough, Elise did have her longest time on Steven Tyler lap.

Wow, Steven Tyler never heard of Billy Joel, was he under a rock during the 1980’s. He could have been stoned – stoned in a good way.

Erika Van Pelt went from being blonde to more outstanding and being an individual group. She looked like Pink but better and her hair absolutely gorgeous. She was hardly not recognized by the contestants of American Idol, but she looked like a star of her own.

Being funny and humorous, this is what Heejun Han has to say about Erika Van Pelt new do “When she walked in, she looked just like my mom, because she has the same cut as my mom. I was like ‘Mom, what are you doing here?’ But I looked at her carefully, and it was Erika.”

Unfortunately, Heejun mom would not be coming back. I meant Erika. She was eliminated, last night. She looked gorgeous with her new do and her performance was fantastically.

I don’t know what America was looking for. However, she did sing again for the judges to prove that she belongs on American Idol. The judges decided to let her go, but she was beautiful, and her singing was great, too bad to see her go. However, she will come back for the summer tour with American Idol in 2012.

The rest of the top nine contestants would stay in a mansion; I hope the mansion is not haunted. Most mansions in California are haunted, if they stayed in Michael Jackson mansion, they will be inspired and the ghost of Michael Jackson would appear and  critic their music or sing with Michael Jackson. Wouldn’t that be cool?

So please America please vote for your favorite. Make a good decision.