Since Jermaine, Jones left American Idol due to outstanding warrants and an arrest last year, he was let go by the executive producers of the show. So if you want to be on American Idol, you better have a clean record, it looks like American Idol does  background check on their contestants when competing on the show. Maybe he could try out the X-factor or America’s Got Talent.

I think American Idol executives did the right thing of letting him go, but the wrong thing to broadcast of what he did and the crime he did. Is this American Idol or American Most Wanted? They should not broadcast at all, let Ryan Seacrest sing for a chance or let Ryan Seacrest do a magic act and pull Julienne Hough out of a hat to fill in the gap, eventually they put more commercials, better for me; I was doing dishes during that time, and I walked my camel.

Shannon Magrane surprised me, and the judges were impressed by her singing with “One Sweet Day” by Mariah Carey. If she can keep this up, she will be in the top ten or maybe the top 2, eventually she went home. And it was a tearful good bye that she will miss the show. Since she is still in Hollywood maybe some record producer was watching the show and wanted to give her chance to live out her dream as a singer. Oh well, I did vote for her. She will be missed.