Since Carrie Underwood was discovered in St. Louis, and she won American in season 4 back in 2005, American Idol decided to go back to see what they could find an unique star. And here’s what they found:

Johnny Keyser, from Pompano Fla, sang “A Change is Gonna Come” he sang it with ease, and he had a jazzy style, and the looks came with it. His dad was outside watching through the monitors and said, “He’s like my brother, not my dad,” he said. “He’s got my back.”

David Coleman get’s the Artsy “silent” treatment in black and white. They made fun of his singing voice by speeding up the sound. So did the rejection of other contestants too, in black and white and funny. The rest of the cattle calls auditions went back to color.

Rachelle Lamb, a divorcee with a cute kid fromMissouri, sings (appropriately) “Find Somebody New” by Faith Hill. Her daughter joins her while she sings. The daughter was tap dancing while her mommy was singing.  She has style and a heart. “I like your moxie,” Steven said. She will most likely get some airtime starting next week.

Oliver McCrary takes down Seal. “Your wife’s going to look for a divorce if you keep singing like that,” said Randy, in a rare zinger. Trying to keep cool with his zinger to the contestants, Simon Cowel was the best at zingers so Randy is being creative with his zingers than insults.

Reis Kloeckener, 20, from St. Louis, has the next sob story. He was bullied at a big high school until he joined choir, and it helped him pull him through to be a better singer. He has a gentle, sensitive soprano he sang “Lean on Me,” “You made me cry,” Steven said.

Ethan Jones from Pontoon Beach,Fla. has a dad who went into drug rehab. He does a respectable Edwin McCain, but I suspect I won’t remember him by the end of the hour. “You look nothing like you sing,” Randy said. He talks to his father on the phone that he’s going to Hollywood.

Mark Ingram, works at the hotel where they are actually doing the auditions. Ryan gathers some of the employees. (This is unique!)  He has potential, but he hits some really bad notes that did not overjoy the judges. “Your voice and melody and keeping that tune was lacking a little bit,” Steven said. “Your voice gives out on you,” J. Lo said. “I want to say yes to you but can’t.” He sweats through “Part Time Lover” but fails miserably. Well back to his part-time job at the hotel.  He needs to practice and the best way to practice being at work at the hotel. Just entertain the guest as they enter through the lobby.