Candace Glover  5 19 2013Candice Glover was crowned and won American Idol last week, her runner up was Kree Harrison. She’s the first female winner since Season 6, when Jordin Sparks won.

Candice sang “I Am Beautiful” wonderful song done by Candice. Do you think it will be a hit and who wrote it?  Who ever wrote the song, it should cater to her and her fans who voted for her.  Kree sang “All Cried Out” beautiful done. It was a journey for both of them to make it this big and the excitement lineup.

The guys Devin Velez, Burnell Taylor, Lazaro Arbos, Paul Jolley and Curtis Finch, Jr. sang with Frankie Valli, the classic songs of yesteryears like the one you will from Timelife music collection. Psy took center stage and did the pony-tail wagging of “Gentlemen” even my mom was grooving with the song in her wheel chair.

In one hilarious moment the girls outsmarted the boys by pulling out a prank to eliminate the guys one by one for a woman could win.  The person behind the prank was Jordin Sparks from season 6.

Arthea Franklin sang with the five remaining girls, via satellite, it would much easier if she had come to perform with the girls.

Angie Miller sang David Guetta and Sia’s “Titanium” with Lambert, followed by the long-promised duet with Angie’s personal hero Jessie J, who was sporting a bald head for cancer awareness, on the song “Domino.” The good news: Jessie J invited Angie to the U.K. to perform Angie’s forthcoming single in concert. The bad news: They got Adam on stage again and didn’t let him talk.

Mariah Carrey sang her greatest hit and it was incredible to hear her voice and some claim that she lip-sync her own songs,  evidently she sang live in front of the audience.

Randy Jackson and Keith Urban were on their electric guitars and “Little Bit of Everything.”

And the big moment of the night, Niki Manji sitting at the judges table wished she could contributed something to American Idol, which was embarrassed for her. She just sat there and watches all the talented judges performing with the Idol contestants.  Bring out the bikini girl.