It’s Hollywood week on American Idol and the drama is started. I am glad the judges gave the contestants a pep talk to succeed in the preliminary round.

First up, Johnny Keyser the handsome guy from Ft.Lauderdale starts out the evening on a good note. He is good and we found a winner, but wait, there’s more.

Heejun Han, he’s intimated by everyone’s height and beauty. “I don’t know how they get so good looking,” he says. “What do they eat?” The other contestants may have beauty and brains, but do they have a voice that sings and will people like him.  He sang “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You,” and he was good. He may not looked handsome but he has a great voice. He staying in the competition.

The blondes that sang were Elise Testone, she had a raspy voice and beautiful. Baylie Brown has beautiful blue eyes, sang good too and Hallie Day wore red pants and she sang great.  They made it through the competition. They were all good, it’s difficult to choose who were the best, but they are staying in the competition.

Some of the contestants I haven’t seen throughout the auditions, one was  Jen Hirsch she was fantastic so was Lauren Gray. It’s difficult to put everyone into a one hour show and show their talent to the world, but they put the best and the unusual talent but as long they have a golden ticket in hand, they are off toHollywood. Jen and Lauren both went through and safe.

Some contestants really like to beg, this is not your typical audition when you beg your way to into the show. The contestants must have a good voice when singing and they must pick a good song for their voice. And the most important is having a good attitude towards the judges and your new fans of who will vote for you during the live shows. We all know how it goes. We have seen the show. So be good.

Phillip Phillips did a good rendition of Thriller at the Savannah audition, but his Hollywood week audition did not go as plan.  Reed Grimm, who has been performing since he was two, takes the stage next and sings “I Got a Golden Ticket” from Willy Wonka. It was good.

Travis Orlando, the guy whose mom walked out on his family, (also: he got rejected last year), and Ramiro Garcia, the guy who was born without ears, they both sang good, but they weren’t good enough. They were sent home.

Then we hear from Adam Brock he sang “Walking inMemphis” he claims he can harvest a black woman when he sing and he did, he was good.

Next and I was disappointed with the judges, it was Jim Carrey’s daughter Jane. She sang great and she had a great personality. She was good, but not good enough for the judges. She was sent home.  Maybe the wild card, if there’s a chance for her.

Being rejected during Hollywood week is not easy, the contestants have to up their game and make it better and to be in the competition and win.  But seeing them lose after one day, don’t get pissed in front the camera person, just smile and be memorable, just remember you are in Hollywood, take a break and enjoy your day. Sing for the crowd and get extra cash in your hat.

Do remember the girl who was tall and the father who was huge there was an awkward moment with Steven Tyler, name Shannon Magrane? She sang “Fallen” and she was good. So is the ladies man David Leathers, Jr who sang Celine Dion song “Because You Loved Me”  and the Mobile DJ Erika Van Pelt, Creighton Fraker and Aaron Marcellus they all sang great and went through the next round.

Lauren Mink from New York sings “Alone” by Heart, she was good. Following her is Jeremy Rosado, he sang “Superstar” his tone was good. Please enunciate your words and remember the words, which will come later during Hollywood week.

When they have to sing in a group, they have to remember the words and movement. Can’t wait to see that.

Symone Black sang the classic song of Otis Redding’s “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of The Bay,” she sang it beautiful, perfect pitch and she wanted to relate the song to the older generation  fans who watches the show. She sang the song great, I don’t know what really happened it looked like she was wobbly on stage and about to faint on stage and she was trying to stand straight but she came too close to the edge of the stage and she fell of the dock of the stage. (Sorry about the humor, please don’t hate me.) They should put railings on the stage or tell the contestants not to come too close to the edge of the stage. We all seen people falling off the stage on America’s Funniest Video, it looks funny for us, but people should be careful about the stage it self. Stay tuned.