Many people may have some navigation device either on their car or on the phone. But do people use it? Maybe if it is local, they don’t use, because we know how to get there, and we know the place very well because we lived in the same place over 40 years.

But when we go to the next state across the border, we still might get lost, and it would be nice to use either Google maps on the cell phone, and if we have Onstar put that on. It would be still embarrassed to ask someone for directions, even though that person knows the area have lived almost a century and still know the place. Or people with a foreign accent, they may be hard to understand, and we still don’t understand. Then we go to someone who can speak English, a little kid. We rather speak to an adult not to a kid.

Just use the map on the phone, strangers can help, but they are strangers whom we don’t know and that person can fall of it’s rocker at the last sentence, and we could be lost again. Just use Google maps on the phone, and you will get to you destination. Why get lost again?