How to Watch Basketball at Work

If you are a basketball fan, I am too. Sometimes I get bored at work, and I would watch basketball at work too on the work computer. When the boss or supervisor comes by, I will close my browser, but the sound does not cut off. You can still hear the noise.

“What you watching?” Boss said.

“I am watching P-. I meant the latest meetings are discussing how to cut a cucumber” I am a bad liar. It’s HR fault making these videos of what not to do in an office; they are not creative.

“Just get back to work and turn it off, Karen is getting aroused.”

“Yes, Mr. Roy”

That’s was the third time this week, I meant watching the game. Luckily, I did not get fired or get suspended. It looks like he liked me, and I do the work, and he knows I get the job done.

Basket 2a

basket ball 3

When watching Basketball online, I have noticed there’s a boss button on the NCAA website. You can check the scores or watch the game. Watch the game with your earphones and clean it with alcohol wipes.  It’s nice to leave one of the headsets open while watching the game. When you hear your name called from the office, you can hit the button on the side and close it. It will cut the sound off too.

So who will win the game? Comment below.



Bridge Collapsed In Miami able to last 100 years

bridge 1

According to the associated press, the bridge that collapsed in Miami Florida and injured many people did not sustain its own weight.

The bridge was designed to withstand a category five hurricane and durability to last a 100 hundred years. It was the first bridge in the world to be constructed entirely of self-cleaning concrete. It’s made of titanium dioxide which, when exposed to sunlight, it would capture pollutant particles from the air and cleans its own concrete surfaces.

It was installed in just a few hours, on Saturday, March 10, 2018, and although its construction wasn’t finished.

The main span was built to avoid interruption and using a state-of-the-art computer-controlled system that carried and set the 950-ton section and a 40 foot-wide pedestrian. It’s called Self-Propelled Modular Transportation, and this was the largest pedestrian bridge in the US history to be moved using this method.

However, there was a designed flaw. There was no support beam underneath the bridge. They have it on the two side but not in the middle. If they have it in the middle of the bridge inside the bridge itself, then it would be okay. There will be an ongoing investigation of the bridge.

King Tide


KIng Tide 1We like to post weather updates on our Facebook pages, which is a good idea and warn people not to drive in the area where the flood is coming.

On November 5, Virginia Beach, the coastal area beaches, and Northeastern North Carolina will get a little flooded, so be careful when driving on highways.  We are getting a King Tide.

KIng Tide Graphics

A King Tide is when the sun, earth, and the moon will be close to the earth, and it will line up too. We will have a high tide, and it will bring floods. We will not see the moon, and it is not an Eclipse we had that in August 2017.  Water will rise, and it will cause flooding. Maybe Queen low tide will make it disappear in two to three hours.