Mermaid Body 5 31 2013

Bigfoot does not exist, Loch Ness monster does not exist, but mermaids?

According to Animal Planet, they made up the whole Mermaids Mockumentary and we fell for it.  Talk about the ratings it had on Sunday night, it was great for Animal Planet and it Monster week. It generate a lot of buzz about Mermaids do exist. I really don’t understand why would they do this.  Tell the truth and stop making Mockumentary features that does not exits.

But how did they pull it off, CGI(Computer Graphics Interface)? For the story telling part they have to use CGI to make sea creatures believable, but we can tell they were not real. Not enough texture on the body. I am comparing how they make dinosaurs come to life in Jurassic Park movie. For Jurassic Park movie a lot of texture in the creature and believable in how they look on screen.  For the mermaids in the documentary not believable, very low budget CGI.  But the actually footage shot by people without CGI experience were real. I think.

Mermaid 3 5 30 2013

Here’s an example, in Washington state in 2004 a group of whales beached themselves on the coast.   A couple of teenagers video recorded something like a sea creature near the whales. It was shown to the scientist and they could not believe it. The head of the sea creature pop out and it tried to grab him. It scared the boys and they even drew the image on paper and the navy did not know about it. For a moment, I thought it look real. When I look closely at the picture, it had a ghostly face that popped out. The reactions of the boys did not look real. It had to be fake, the cinematography looked like Steven Speilberg directed the shot, close up on the hands, and the hands slowly move and then it grab the boy, cut.  The shot did not look real.  Probably stage.

Mermaid 1  5 29 2013

When an American visitor saw this creature near the rocks in Kirmat Yam, Israel, this creature was walking and crawling on the rocks and even turn its head. It was near the ocean. It looked like fish, but this visitor thought he saw a mermaid. Could it be a catfish? Catfish can walk on land and swim and it could swim in either freshwater and ocean water.  That was fake too and bad acting from the visitor reaction.


First hand 5 31 2013

March 2013, a team of scientist, real scientist in Greenland Sea of the coast of Greenland, in Ian Mayin, scientist in a deep diving submersible vessel these scientists were inspected the underwater and the grounds of the ocean floor for possible oil exploration. What they caught while traveling underwater was a sea creature, a mermaid. What they recorded was a hand on the glass, but beyond the hand there’s a face. Is it possible or could it be a mermaid or another fake incident? I don’t know. You be the judge. This was difficult to debunked. It could be real, and the reaction was real.

In this youtube clip, capture on cell phone. What you will see is a hand of a mermaid on the coast of Sirena Viva. This is not fake or CGI in any way, the people on the boat confirmed this was real before YouTube was invented. How can it be CGI.


In the UK Coast Guard video, when the coast guard people were training to rescue a person, on the far left side, you will see something like a seal, or was it a seal. Does a seal have a crest on it’s head. What was it? Is it a mermaid, a mercreature or something with a mer in the beginning of the word? Or could it be a seal with seaweed on top of it’s head.  The eyes reflected off the IR lights. That’s the mystery of this picture.

P.T. Barnum Mermaid  5 31 2013

In this picture this is a picture of a Mermaid taken by the P. T. Barnum. The building in New York got burned down, but someone save this picture and put it in a national archives.

Dr. Paul Robertson, a scientist who investigated with Rebecca Davis with the Mermaid project. . They said that their findings got confiscated by the South Africa government and the United State government, but they only have the sound recording of the Mermaids call when sonars were being conducted by the Navy and killing whales. The mermaids were trying to protect the whales, eventually the whales died on the beach and so did the Mermaids too. His website got pulled down by the Homeland security. Either the government is hiding or if he’s under disguised for he can’t be found.