Mom Looks for Dates for Her Son

It’s Valentine’s Day, and it could be lonely for single people to find dates on Valentine’s day. Not this day, a mom in Maryland in her 50’s was showing a picture of her son and asking women or possible single women would they like to date her son – that would be embarrassing.

She was seen on two campuses in Towson, Maryland. The campus police issued an “incident advisory” meaning a link to pictures that she may have and the woman herself. Police say, “it may cause concern.”

University officials say the woman isn’t being sought for criminal investigation, but they do want her to stop.

When the son was found out, he did not say anything. He left the interview.

Annie the Backseat Driver Cow in a Pick-Up Truck

So, what do you called a cow that rides on the back of a pick-up truck? Mooo-vin!

I know it’s a bad joke of a cow riding in a pick-up truck, but actually, the cow enjoys riding in the backseat of a pick-up truck and sticking her head out the window and enjoying the breeze.

By the way, the cow name is Annie, but people in the social media call her Annie the Highway Cow, and she now has a Facebook page? The video has been viewing a million times since this week alone.

Wow, the cow is a celebrity now. She could be the spokesperson or spokes-animal for Chick-fil-A. Eat more chicken. 

Anyway, Annie is a rescue cow. Her family rescued her, and her twin from a factory farm and the mother rejected her. Her owner, Cory Morris says “loves to go for rides in the truck”

Please check out her updates of what she is doing. Here. (Facebook page)