American Idol 2019: Top 10

Riley Thompson

If you have been watching or a fan of the show, American Idol just announced their top 10 out of 14 that the judges on American Idol selected them.

The judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel  Richie selected the contestants themselves for the past months, and they were satisfied by their choice. Ryan Seacrest did not choose; this is not America’s Got Talent.

Now it came down to the American Idol fans to choose who will be the top 10. Some of them were right, and some of them were wrong, but it was America choice. You have to pick.

As you may know, these judges are well respected in the music industry, and they know how to pick, but since it was America choice they have to choose who will likely to win American Idol 2019.   

All of the contestants were fantastic the night before especially there performance. Some of them connected with the audience and some did not. The music industry is a tough crowd to join, you may have a fantastic voice, but will the radio audience will like it? It’s all ways the voice of the singer that will move the audience to buy your CD or other formats.  

The top ten were:

Madison Van Denburg

Jeremiah Lloyd  Harman

Laci Kaye Booth

Alejandro Aranda

Lionel Hardy

Wade Cota

Walker Buroughs


Alyssa Ragu

Dimitrius Grahman

When Uche didn’t make it in the top ten, I don’t know what America was thinking. Lionel Richie picked him as one of his save this week, Uche is an entertainer, he entertains and performs his song. He knows how to attract the crowd. He connected with his audience and they dance to the song.  If you want him to perform at your wedding, he used to be a wedding singer and now he is on American Idol. Please vote him through. Don’t go by his looks, go by his performance and he is an entertainer. He can move a crowd.

Luke Bryan saved Dimitrius Graham, and this guy can harmonize and sing with other top celebrities. His voice is incredible. I am glad Luke saved him; he needs to be in the competition. His voice and his performance are fantastic.  I don’t care what people say about him. He can sing and perform. Go by his performance and vote for him next week. He should not go home. Forget about the Games of Thrones on HBO. He can control dragons with his voice.

Katy Perry save Alyssa Ragu she has a fantastic voice, and she sang a Katy Perry song “The One that Got Away.” It was better than Katy Perry. If people don’t vote for her, she will go home next week. So please vote Alyssa Ragu to be your American Idol. And don’t even think about Ragu Spaghetti sauce.  I bet the sauce wanted to vote for her too.

All the rest of the singers are great performers and entertainers they sang fantastic. Don’t let them go home. We have to vote for them. Get the app on the Apple Store app and Google Play store app. Remember you have to vote, if you don’t vote, you assume that they will be saved apparently, this is not a presidential race. This is American Idol. Save the contestant that you like the best.  

The contestants that went home are

Riley Thompson

Evelyn Cormier

Eddie Island

Ashley Hess

They did their best, and not everyone voted who they like. It’s a popularity contest, but they are fantastic performers and entertainers.

Vote for them, don’t assume they will be saved.

American Idol 2019  — remember to sign up, registered and vote!

American Idol is on TV

American Idol top ten 2a

If you haven’t heard American Idol is back, and the votes did not pull through, if you were watching The Voice, on NBC, then you missed the drama on American Idol. Or some other show, they will repeat it, or you could DVR or tape it on your VCR and watch it later.

American Idol is different, they selected the top ten with the TV audience and people who did not vote, didn’t know it was on. It was on. It’s like people don’t care, they think it’s fixed and rigged. It’s not fixed or rigged if people voted someone will win. One time would not help. You can vote many times as you like. They don’t have the phone numbers anymore, everything is online and voting apps too, just go to and download the voting apps.

Sometime people will think that they will win. If they think they will win; can we have thinking power to vote? You have to vote. If you don’t know how to vote, the simply solution is go to and register to vote; and vote for favorite, this is different than the presidential election. You catch the recaps on YouTube or website. Then watch the LIVE show on ABC on Sunday nights. You can DVR your favorite shows you like and watch it later, that’s how DVR works.

Here are your top ten:

Ada Vox

Catie Turner

Cade Foehner

Dennis Lorenzo

Gabby Garrett

Gabe Hutchison

Maddie Poppe

Michelle Sussets

Michale Woodward


Remember, if you don’t vote your favorite will be gone. And who’s fault it is?

Watch American Idol on ABC Sunday nights at 8 pm.

American Idol: Life Learn and Life Lesson


Did you watch America Idol? It is on ABC not FOX anymore. They have all new judges R&B legend Lionel Richie, pop diva Katy Perry, country singer Luke Bryan and returning host Ryan Seacrest. All of these judges are from the music business, and they know what they look for a pop singer – not for an opera singer. If you are an opera singer, they could have sung a Mariah Carey song.


“Truthfully, we are in the music business this Country, Pop and R&B standing here in front of you and I am telling you that voice is not going to work for records. We are looking for an Idol for popular music that is unique music” Lionel said to Koby, who sang opera and in the musical theater actress.

“I think you know you are quirky, crazy and you get caught up and come down to this route you are doing yourself a disservice,” Luke Bryan said.

In other words, it’s all about your niche, if you sing opera you don’t sing opera to executives who are in country music, pop music, and R&B music. Broadway is your choice. If you want to get exposure, then exposure you got and the humiliation in front of the judges and millions of people who are watching you. Maybe someone will see her and end up on Broadway. Know your niche and your genre of song. Sing a song that voice can sing. Don’t embarrass yourself.  And don’t beg to go to Hollywood and don’t have an attitude, be professional they will see right through you. Let the judges decide.

Katy Perry is right, the truth hurts, Simon Cowell was right the whole time when looking for talent. You got to have something to impress the judges. It is not an easy task. You see thousands of bad singers and good ones on YouTube. Some got rejected, and some succeed. It’s hard work. Life learned and Life Lesson.

layal Spring.p

“You are 16 years old, you have to understand something this is not a business of being cute, and you love to sing. It’s a mental game, ok? If I follow Katy path I don’t want to give that opportunity, and you get here, and it will destroy you. I want you to understand that you are going into the fire!” Lionel Richie said to Layla Spring who is 16 years old and has a beautiful voice. She got the wise words from Lionel Richie, but it’s up to her. It’s drama and pressure of being a teen singer in Hollywood and lots of Hard work and not an easy task.

harper grace 1a

Harper Grace from being the worst singer when she sang the national anthem at the age of 11 to WOW a beautiful control voice and a gorgeous, quirky, and a country girl.  She got a Golden ticket to Hollywood.  People can sing better when they are humiliated and learn to be a better singer.

Glad it wasn’t opera.

Watch American Idol on Sunday and Monday nights on ABC!


Fascinating People of the Year

Who were the most fascinating people in the year 2011, well Barbara’s Walters pick the finest people in the news making headlines.

Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson  stars  on the ABC hit “Modern Family” on Wednesday nights.  If you haven’t seen this show, and you think the show needs a laugh track, and you are laughing at the show, then you are the laugh track. Eric grew up on the farm, played football and loved performing as a clown name ‘Fizo’.

Jesse said, “Even just recently [my father] asked me if I had a girl friend, and I had to say ‘Dad, no, I don’t.’” He made his Broadway debut in “On the Town.” He originated the role of Leaf Coneybear in “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.” And, Graduated from The American Musical & Dramatic Academy in New York Citywith actress Meredith Patterson.

Simon Cowell dropped out of High School and started his own music label by 20. His first big hit? “Ruff Mix” dogs barking at dance music, and he was in a dog suit too. He does resemble  like a dog, does he?

Anyway, he said about Paula Abdul his sidekick and good friends “We did not like each other in the beginning. I think it was sexual tension. On her part. I consider it… but then I thought, ‘I don’t think the after would be as good as the before.”

He has a weird quirky behavior. You may think he has an OCD. He get’s up in the morning at 12 noon. He has several healthy smoothies that he drinks and an IV drip of food that enters his body. He likes to eat healthy and without wrinkles. But he should kick the smoking habit.

Even though he Kardashians may not have talent in acting and singing, but they know how to endorse and market products.

“None of us think we have talents,” said Khloe Kardashians, which is obvious.

Herman Cain even though he’s innocent and keeps saying his innocent then he’s innocent.

He was accused of the sexual harassment of women, and the media journalist wants the truth. If he keeps saying he’s innocent the whole time, and the media journalist don’t believe him. And the women’s story is so convincing when they read their plea. There are paid to act, or they wanted to be famous in acting. They don’t want another black man as president or these women are jealous and want to dethrone him to run for president. These women are crazy. The media keeps pressuring him about this sexual harassment from these women.

If he had a choice any cabinet position, he would choose the department of defense. Because he wants to influence the security for the military. And  has a great singing voice too.

Did Katy Perry really kiss a woman and she like it? If she did she would not have kissed a woman. Katy Perry grew up in the strict world of the evangelical pastors. Katy wasn’t allowed to celebrate Halloween and wear those kinky outfits.

“I did this Jesus tattoo when I was 18 years old. Legally.  I did it because no matter how much I do change. I always want to know where my roots began” Katy Perry said.

She was raised by strict parents and read the bible. And she got inspired to write the famous song “I Kissed a Girl  (And I liked it). What song I could get inspired to write: “I masturbate and I like it.”

Derek was first drafted by the Yankees when he graduated from high school, he ended as a minor league for four years until he got notice that he was a great baseball player. He is the Yankees’ all-time career leader in hits (3,088), games played (2,426), stolen bases (329), and at bats (9,868).

“In my mind, if you don’t win, it’s a failure”  Derek said.  Ever since, he has the most home runs with 240, and that is in the field.

Ever since Donald Trump has been in the spot light this year, he wanted to know if President Obama wasUSAcitizen – and he was. Donald Trump was also wanted to run President – only for a few months. Would he try again?

“We’re 15 trillion in debt. We borrow from the Chinese. We’re not a great country anymore. But there are millions of people that want my opinion. And I think that’s fine.” Trump said. Which is true? Should he consider running for president in the future? Who should be his vice-president – his hair?

Amanda Knox, after four years in an Italian prison, the 24-year old saw her conviction for 2007 murders of roommate Meredith Kercher overturned. Knox returned to her hometown ofSeattleOct 4, 2011 a free woman.

Pipa Middleton she is the hottest bachelor bridesmaid from the Kate Middleton wedding back in April of 2011. The gown she was wearing was sleek and sexy on her and every guy is drooling of how she looked.

Steve Jobs was the CEO and inventor of the Apple Computers, IPod, IPads, and anything that begins with the letter “I.”

Steve was the most important friend in my life. He had an incredible mind that couldn’t be measured by normal methods. You had to know him and experience his thinking to know why it was way ahead of normal people. The future was the important thing to Steve. Only in very recent years did he speak fondly of the old days. We wonder if our future is now shortchanged: Will the forward progress slow down without Steve? But Steve will be a historic figure and will inspire other young people. His inspiration is the road to a great future.

— Steve Wozinak Cofounder of Apple