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Zooey Deschanel was born in 1980 into a showbiz family. Her father, Caleb Deschanel is an Academy Award-nominated cinematographer. Her mother, Mary Jo Deschanel is an actress who starred in “Twin Peaks” (1990).

She started out doing theater, and she did lot school plays and theater summer camp. At the age of seventeen, she did a play with a theater company and after her performance, she got notice by an agent who was in the audience, and they started to represent her. She then auditioned for various roles and landed her big break in “Veronica’s Closet” with Kristie Alley (1997).

She then got her first movie role in Mumford (1999). She attended Northwestern University for a year but decided to drop out to pursue acting and music.

Zooey’s rise to fame has been steadily increasing as the 21st century wears on. Her distinctive acting style found her critical acclaim in 2003 when she was voted Best Actress at the Mar Del Plata Film Festival for her role in David Gordon Greens “All the the Real Girls” (2003). She also gained a Best Female Lead nomination (for All the Real Girls (2003)) at the following year’s Independent Spirit Awards, but lost out to Charlize Theron. She also sang and acted in the Disney-produced musical, “Once Upon a Mattress” (2005) (TV).

In 2007, she was in “Tin Man” on the syfy network as DG. Mostly thanks to a role in Cameron Crowe’s popular biopic, Almost Famous (2000).  She got to know Kate Hudson from high school.

Zooey is often compared to golden era Hollywood starlets and is also a talented singer. She has said in interviews that she believes her singing ability was pivotal in gaining the role of Jovie in Elf (2003).