Billboard Music Award 2019: Drake Wins

Wow, that was incredible opening from Taylor Swift, the marching band performing “ME.”  She was awesome.

Then the security guard caught Kelly Clarkson sitting next to Terry Crews, and the seats belong to Florida Georgia Line, the security asked her politely to move, and she gracefully sang Florida Georgia Line songs, to convince that she is the host of the program and still the Security Guard did not believe her. So he escorted her out to the stage.

She then sang “Broken and Beautiful” from the soundtrack from Ugly Dolls premiering May 3, 2019, in theaters everywhere, while  Avengers: Endgame is still grossing sales. If you haven’t seen it yet, it is still playing. No rush. It’s not the end of the world.  

Oh, by the way, put back The Voice at 8 pm instead of 9 pm on Tuesday. My dad watches the news at 9 pm.  So please put it back at 8 pm. The Voice comes Monday and Tuesday. So please vote for your favorite contestants.

Drake wins Bill Board 2019

The biggest award winner was Drake. He got twelve awards. Ranging from top artist, male artist, Billboard 200 artist, Hot 100 artists, Streaming song artist, Song sales artist, radio song artist, rap artist, male rap artist, Billboard, 200 album, and  Streaming Song Video.

I hope he has a truck to carry all those awards.

Paula Abdul did a throwback Musical numbers of all her songs, that was a fantastic number, and someone makes an appearance. This summer she will be a residency of Las Vegas at the Flamingo, so if you fan of her. Get your tickets here.

Then Madonna performs her latest song “Medellin” with Maluma. She spent some of her money to add some CGI of her performance from the previous years. She could have done a throwback musical montage as Paula Abdul did, that will be excited to see. Plus she had great hit songs herself too. It was good. Check out her site here.

Overall, the show was fantastic to watch. Cardi B was there. She won a few awards. Joe Jonas got married to Sophie Turner over the weekend, that means he will know the ending of the Games of Thrones and Elvis too, It was an Elvis impersonator who is an also an ordained minister.

Ariana Grande got one too. Did you know she’s the only one from the Nickelodeon channel to become successful and she’s a Grammy winner also? Get Ariana Grande Tickets right here.  

And the winners are….

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Darci Lynn Wins America’s Got Talent

darci 5 - 2

Darci Lynn wins America’s Got Talent Season 12! Congratulations!

It has been an emotional ride for her, and she did it with her good friends, Rocky, Petunia, and Edna her puppet friends. So what’s she going to do with her millions of dollars – pay bills? What bills does she have? She’s a teenager. Probably the parents will handle the financial and she’s going to perform in Las Vegas in November, but before she does that, she has to go back to school and brag to her friends that she won America’s Got Talent. She will be busy for the next weeks to come. You know homework, school, and friends. She had a tutor on the set, which is good.

Did you know 52 million people voted for their favorite performer?  This is good for America’s Got Talent, can’t wait to see next year.

Light Balance and Divalo were absolutely fantastic; I hope they perform soon in Las Vegas. Derek Hough was dancing with Light Balance, that was a surprise.

Kelly and Simon

Kechi, Angelica Hale sang with Kelly Clarkson “Stronger” incredible voices, first American Idol winner in 2002, and she sang a new song “Love so Soft” it’s a hit song.  Kelly Clarkson also reunites with Simon Cowell; he’s a producer for AGT.  Oh, by the way, be sure to watch the NEW American Idol coming in 2018 on ABC.

mandy and Twain 1

Marlee Matlin introduces Mandy Harvey. Mandy Harvey was an incredible singer, and she sang with Shania Twain, and she performed her new song called “Life’s About To Get Good.”

Evie and James

Evie Clair performs an original song, and she was joined by Chase Goehring and James Arthur. James and Evie Clair sang “Okay day,” and James hit song “Say You Won’t Let Go.”

Sara C 1

Sara Carson Attempts To Train The Judges’ Dogs – America’s Got Talent 2017


Sara Carson trains the judge’s dogs and immediately put Howie Mandel in time out because of his bulldog. It’s quite hilarious.  I hope Sara and her dogs get to work in TV and films.

Preacher Lawson Performs At The Laugh Factory – America’s Got Talent 2017


Howie Mandel and Preacher Lawson, great comedians and I hope Preacher Lawson makes it big in Hollywood either joined a show or have his own show.

Darci Lynne & Jeff Dunham Ventriloquists America’s Got Talent 2017

The other performs Mandy Harvey, Chase Goehring, Evie Clair, Sara and Hero (and her dogs) Divalo, Light Balance, Preacher Lawson, Kechi, and Angelica Hale.  They were all good. It’s not the end for them it’s a new beginning for them. They will succeed life after America’s Got Talent.

Melanie Amaro wins X-Factor

As you may know Melanie Amaro won the X-factor. Will she make a movie with Josh Krajcik  and called it “Amaro  & Krajcik,” they did with Justin Guarini and Kelly Clarkson when she won American Idol back in 2002 with her runner up to Justin Guarini,  and they did a movie together called “From Justin to Kelly” that movie did not do well, and I watched it last night on DVD. It was on sale for a dollar in the dollar store – that gives me an idea. Re-gift the DVD and give it to my sister in Florida.

Chris Reene sang an original song called “Young Homie” which was good, and he did a Christmas song he sang “Have yourself a Merry little Christmas.” Did he stumble on the song or was it part of the song? However, he sang great with Avril Lavigne and there sang  “Complicated” and it wasn’t complicated.

Two weeks ago, Rachel Crow would have stayed and be in the Top 3 contestants, but so far she has gotten record deals from music executives who wanted to make music with her. Could she possible replace Steve Jones as host for the next season? Steve Jones is excellent host, but it looked like; he wasn’t connected with the audience. The audience can be cruel. Rachel Crow did an excellent job as announcing the next act. Maybe they will get a female host.

Josh Krajcik sang with Alanis Morissette. They sang “Uninvited” which was good and later a Christmas song he sang, “Please come home for Christmas.” Josh can sing anything. He was my favorite and I wanted him to win, but unfortunately, he was the runner up and runner up usually does great and succeeds. 

Melanie Amaro sang a Christmas classic song which was “All I want for Christmas is you” her voice was fantastic. She sang great. She sang “I believe I Can fly” with R. Kelly, absolutely right on the money. 

When the contestants sang their duets with their favorite stars, they also took us into their lives and how they become singers. It was “This is your life” moment, very emotional and moving. 

Astro rapped with 50 Cents and the Lakers. Leona Lewis, who won the British version of “The X Factor” in 2006 and has gone on to international stardom, reminded us what a winner of this show can accomplish. Marcus Canty upstaged (in a good way) Pitbull and Ne-Yo, giving us hope for his future. 

Being a host, they have to take a lot of responsibly taking direction with the stage manager and the director. I think Steve Jones did great. 

Their prize was the $5 million contract and a music contract, which is good, but no trophy.