How to write a good college essay

When Suzy Lee Weiss wrote an Essay about College essays, she didn’t meant to be mean to College and universities, which rejected her from learning. What she meant to be – herself and the truth in how they select students who  go to their ivy schools and  university of their dreams.  But it was satire a humorist approach.

She’s a great writer, may be she wants to be writer or journalist or comedy writer for a TV show like — NBC. They do need some great writers for NBC.

She’s a young woman and let her roar. She speaks her mind. What a C + on my paper? I could have been a computer programmer and write coding and be a billionaire like Bill Gates, but that’s not me. It’s difficult to write coding. Sorry geniuses around the world. No offense.

She speaks the truth. No one wants to hear from a 17 year girl, I meant woman. She is smart.   College and university administrative wanted well-rounded students, with great credentials to be great students, and wear a military uniform all day long and sing at a Glee club.

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