When Suzy Lee Weiss wrote an Essay about College essays, she didn’t meant to be mean to College and universities, which rejected her from learning. What she meant to be – herself and the truth in how they select students who  go to their ivy schools and  university of their dreams.  But it was satire a humorist approach.

She’s a great writer, may be she wants to be writer or journalist or comedy writer for a TV show like — NBC. They do need some great writers for NBC.

She’s a young woman and let her roar. She speaks her mind. What a C + on my paper? I could have been a computer programmer and write coding and be a billionaire like Bill Gates, but that’s not me. It’s difficult to write coding. Sorry geniuses around the world. No offense.

She speaks the truth. No one wants to hear from a 17 year girl, I meant woman. She is smart.   College and university administrative wanted well-rounded students, with great credentials to be great students, and wear a military uniform all day long and sing at a Glee club.