When your child graduate from high school and they go to their university of their choice, and we tell them to be safe like don’t do drugs and don’t drink alcohol. Does your child listen to you? Well maybe, if they are smart enough.

On occasionally students like to unwind and have a good time after hard time of studying and writing the final paper for the end of the semester. Yippie! Party time! They would take that one day and get wasted. One day to do something crazy. And that one day, to do something really stupid, and they wouldn’t do at all. Alcohol and drugs,  it might be mixed in a cup. We wouldn’t know it, because students are smart, and they should know it. Getting grades are good, but a mix drink with alcohol and drugs in a cup is not good. Your life would start to suffer.

Students think they are smart, getting perfect grades in all their courses.  Probably, they would like to be president or CEO of a company. Have a family. However, it all comes about the past. We can’t go back to the past. We can’t jump into a Delorean and go back time and change our lives.  What’s been done is done and the consequences and our conscious mind, have to suffer.

We have to live and move forward. We had friends back then and the friends we had back then known what you did. But you move forward with your life. You have a wonderful family and a great career. Your children are succeeding in school. However, that old friends of yours since college haunt your past. It may be good or bad. However, we have too suffered the consequences.

What we did in the past was in that cup. We drank an alcohol beverage, it was not regular drink, but we drank too much. Either we had sex with stranger and you enjoyed it, but it wasn’t the opposite. Either you share a little something like a drug, got high and loved it and you did the same thing and had sex with stranger and you enjoyed it, but it wasn’t the opposite. Not good at all.

What was in the cup? We would never know. What we did? You did it. You got high and drunk and probably don’t remember it. However, the person at your door remembers it and wanted something in return after 20 years from college.  You should have not done it all.