The actors on the stage, were in rehearsal when they heard footsteps above them, they froze as the footstep continue to walk above them. They stared at ceiling, a girl from the group asked in calming voice “Is somebody up there?”

“It’s just nick” another girl responded.

The footsteps continued for half an hour, then faded away. The actors went upstairs to make sure, no one was there, they discovered it came from a locked storage room.

Who is nick? Nick was a football player in the 1950s who was injured during practice and he was carried to the cafeteria, where the Purple Masque theater is now and eventually Nick died there. Nick wasn’t the only one died on campus, two other people died in the 1950s. One died of Polio and the other a mid-air collision with another player during an intramural football game.

During an investigation, Loyd Auerbaca, a paranormal team quoted by saying “Ghost do not haunt where they live. They go back to place they like – they go back home, a place they love.” For Nick, it was the football field.

In 1985, a séance was conducted with an Ouija board. It was reported he was 19 when he died. So was the other two.

An acting professor, said he had witness a paranormal activity.

“I believe that Nick did exist,” The acting professor said, “I don’t know if he exist now.”

When the acting professor was a senior at the University, he and his fellow classmates conduct a séance. A reporter came along to witness this incident. He taped the incident of what happened that night.

The professor and his classmates locked all the doors in the theater and they had séance. They asked Nick to appear. Pipes started to bang loudly and then footsteps echoing in the darkness. The footsteps were coming from the rooms and the ramps backstage. So much was going on.

The professor and the classmates had a lockdown and spent the night in the theater. Noises awakened them in the middle of the night, it was the banging noise on the wall. The professor sprinted up the stairs to catch the culprit. What he saw something amazement. Even though the lights were on, he saw a shadowy figure in the hallway, and it said “Gotcha”, and it darted behind pillars and through a locked door. No one was there. He went back downstairs and told everyone what had happened.

No need to spend the night at a haunted theater, they left the area.

On October 31, 2005, a paranormal team investigated the Purple Masque to search for activity. They felt the spirit of an aggressive farmer name Nigel. In 1985, a faculty member felt a presence inside the theater, she walked in the box room and then she ran screaming from the building. She warned all the theatre faculty never walked alone always have someone with you, she felt a presence of evil in the building. It must have been the Ouija board when you summon a particular spirit something evil attached to it.

Witness have claimed they would hear footsteps coming down the stone staircase from the upstairs hallway.

“The footsteps stopped for a few seconds and then came towards me, so I ran” said the witness.

During the questions and answering with the audience, the cast and crew were gathered on stage. No one was backstage. The heavy curtain was the main entrance, it started to slide back and forth by itself. It was heavy, and 30 pounds of it. The cast and crew saw it moved by itself.

Charlotte MacFarland , an associate professor in theater, has been with K-State for 31 years.

“I didn’t believe in ghost. I was doing a show, back in 1980’s, the Masque Theater had no back doors. The doors leading inside were locked. We were locked in. Suddenly, in the middle of the stage entrance was this strange silhouette of a man appeared. I wonder how did he get in? The doors were locked. I asked what he was doing here. The actor turned and saw it. She screamed and the other actors flew in different directions on the stage. The silhouette moved away, I ran quickly to intercept. No one was there. The doors were locked.”

The next morning, MacFarland told her class what happened. Then she called out “But you know what, Nick? I still don’t believe in you and you don’t scare me,” the light above her exploded. Nick heard her and prove he was a ghost.

“It changed my whole perception of spirituality. After that, I couldn’t go into the Masque until at least two other people showed” MacFarland said. “Do I think he’s like demonic or harmful? No. He doesn’t hurt people, but he’ll mess with people.”

Recently, University of Kansas added a ghost tour on their agenda in the calendar of events., which is good, it has a lot of history. Every October staff or members tell the stories of Kansas State University and their hauntings. And it’s one of the best university to go.

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Ghosts of Kansas State University