Jay-Leno  3 26  2013If you haven’t heard Jay Leno is taking the heat of NBC executives of his show “The Tonight with Jay Leno”.  Jay Leno contract will end in the fall of 2014 and Jimmy Fallon will take over the new Tonight Show in which it will be broadcast from New York. What will happened to Jimmy Fallon late night show, they were thinking to expand show to 90 minutes.

With all the jokes that Jay Leno is poking fun at NBC and I agree with Jay Leno, it is the programs that are not attracting the American audience.  Dun, Dun. Some of the programs are not family friendly any more, mostly crime show. Dun, Dun. Law and Order TV series and spin offs. They need good family comedies with a laugh track or shot in a live studio audience. They do have some, but are people watching TV? Mostly the shows are competing one another over time-slots, that’s difficult for NBC.

May be Jay Leno is getting tired hosting the show, he has been hosting since 1992. Johnny Carson has been hosting 30 years when he retired in 1992 and he passed away in 2005. If Johnny Carson worked for 30 years, Jay can too, in fact he worked on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in 1973. He co-hosted the Tonight Show when Johnny needed a break and it gave Jay to work on his jokes and getting to know his audience.  Jay Leno has worked on the Tonight Show over 40 years.

I remember the show back in the 80’s that Johnny would host the show on Tuesday through Friday and Jay once week on Mondays. I think that was a phase retirement for Johnny Carson.

Don’t fire Jay Leno from the show.  Give him some time off and have rotating host once a week. It could be a new comer or someone we know (Tina Fay, hint hint). Have Jimmy Fallon to host the show once week. Look what happened to Conan O’Brian. Have an audition and let the audience decide who they like.