Dairy of a Wimpy Kid: Dogs Day.

Sometime being a teenager is all in the mind of being a teenager, but when I watch ‘Dairy of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days’ it reminds of me of my days as a teenager when I was in middle school. I was friendly with a girl of my dreams, but we ended up as good friends, she did like me, but I did not want to jeopardize the relationship, but my best friend and especially my older sibling always pulling pranks on me.

‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ series based on Jeff Kinney’s books, since I am older now, I do read the books in the library and put them back on the selves. I would feel embarrassed reading a children’s book; especially I am an adult now.

The movie was great and I really like it.  The story is the school is out for the summer, and Greg is ready for the days of summer, when all his plans go wrong. What on earth is he going to do all summer?

Staring Zachary Gordon, he plays Gregg, He’s from Oak Park, California. He has been in numerous and memorable movies such as  R.L. Stine’s “The Haunting Hour,” Children Hospital (2011),  Because I Said So (2007), Desperate Housewife (2007), Georgia Rules (2007) with Lindsay Lohan,  and National Treasure: Book of Secrets, (2007). He was busy back then.

Robert Capron began his acting career when he was eight years old by enrolling in an after school drama program sponsored by Trinity Repertory Company. Later, that year he landed a role as Turkey Boy in Trinity’s production of A Christmas Carol. Since that time, Robert has performed a variety of roles on stage. Recently, Robert has turned his efforts to film. Robert’s first principal role was in Bride Wars where he played Robert. Shortly thereafter he earned a role as Young Dave’s pal in the movie Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Robert’s role as Rowley in Fox’s three-movie franchise Diary of A Wimpy Kid (2010, 2011) is perhaps his most recognized role to date. The third installment, Dog Days, it’s out now. In 2010, Robert landed his first voiceover role as Bob in the Tim Burton directed movie ‘Frankenweenie’, set for release on October 5th 2012. In April 2012, Robert played Young Curly in the movie ‘The Three Stooges.’ Looking ahead, Robert will be playing Derek in the 3D CGI motion-capture version of Tarzan which is set for release in 2013. In addition to theater, and film, Robert has also appeared on television as a guest star on ABC’s The Middle, and as the lead on two episodes of The Hub Network’s The Haunting Hour.

Peyton List from the Disney Channel hit series “Jessie” she started as on Soap Opera called ‘As the World Turns’ and stardom did catch up on her.

Karan Brar is also from the Disney Channel hit series “Jessie.” He started out in the first movie  Diary of  a  Wimpy Kid (2010).

So please watch ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days’ out now.

School Sprits: Michigan State University

Since the premier of the Syfy “School Sprits” on Wednesday night, it was quite scary and interesting to know what universities out there, are not telling what universities are haunted. If there’s a haunted university out there, I rather stay in my dorm, well may be my dorm. Maybe off campus into an apartment, how old is the apartment complex? 1904? Fine, I live with my parent’s house, the only haunting living with my parents is when they snore – that’s scaring enough.

Michigan State University was founded in 1855. It’s a public research university inEast Lansing. With many big old buildings and new and possibilities with renovations are added to the university, it’s probably growing in size. Since the popularity of students are taking classes on campus students needed to stay either in dormitories, and Sorority and Fraternity houses on campus. But do they know the history of the homes; it’s been there for decades on the campus.

Take, for example, a sorority house that was featured on the episode on “School Sprits” a group of girls renovated an old home on campus and made it their sorority home to stay. Not knowing it was haunted by Joseph Jacob Walser, he died of Tuberculosis, and he had four daughters. His wife left him to go to Florida. So the new girls shared their rooms, and the ghost of Jacob haunts the sorority home. The ghost would protect them, but the girls felt they were being threatened by the ghost and even watch by him.

Other haunting on East Lansing was in Holmes Hall on the sixth floor of the west building. Students have reported seeing a male figure entered the elevator. Immediately, after the door closes it reopens, revealing an empty elevator. Appliances have also been known to come on by themselves.

On the west, two shadowy figures entered the elevators on the sixth floor at 3am and hold them and then entered. Weird and scary.

In Hubbard Hall on the 12th floor of the South complex reported the lights will go on and off. And someone would be running in the hall. An apparition has been seen of a man walking into the elevator and going down to the ninth floor. Students often felt a cold brush of a breeze going through their bodies. Doors will slam. Appliances will go on and off, and windows will open and close, especially during the winter months.

Even though some other locations are haunted on campus most of them are either lock down for the night or open. Majority they should lock down the class halls at night during sunset for students would not interfere with the paranormal activity.

Dallas: A New Beginning

The drama is back in Dallas, and J.R. Ewing is always conniving evil to get back his land from his brother Bobby, remember like father and son. The sons of the two Christopher, Bobby’s adopted son and John Ross J.R. Ewing son. John Ross wants the land because it has oil, and John Ross wants the power of the oil and so do we. Have you seen the gas price around my town? A little higher than unexpected, but if we drill in our back yard and sell in theUSstates will it be cheaper?

This new “Dallas,'” dubbed a “sweeping family epic” and not a nighttime soap opera by its creators, introduces the next generation of theEwingclan and puts those characters alongside J.R., Bobby and Sue Ellen from the 1978-91 series. It picks up some 20 years later in the lives of the warring family members.

We last saw J.R. after he was losing Ewing oil to Cliff Barnes control of Southfork to Bobby, and being abandoned by his wife and children; a drunk and despondent J.R. begins walking around the ranch alone with a loaded gun wishing he had never been born. A gunshot is later fired in J.R.’s bedroom as Bobby returns to Southfork, and he rushes up to J.R.’s room and gasps, saying, “Oh, my God!” as the series ends. (Get the DVD of “Dallas”)

Two decades since viewers last saw them. The Ewings are back. Television’s first family of drama, sabotage, secrets and betrayal are gathering at Southfork Ranch for the upcoming wedding of Bobby’s adopted son, Christopher, to Rebecca Sutter. Although the occasion is joyous, an old family rivalry crosses generations after secret oil drilling on Southfork results in a major gusher. Everyone has his or her own agenda when the fight over oil and land threatens to tear the Ewings apart once again.

J.R.’s son, John Ross (played byHenderson), plots with his aging tycoon father to take over Southfork and drill for valuable oil on the property, for example. Meanwhile, Bobby’s adopted son, Christopher (Metcalfe), is trying to wean the family from crude and shift to Earth-friendly alternative fuel, with Bobby’s financial backing. Head butting and double crossing ensue.

Elena ( Jordana Brewster) the daughter of the Ewings’s cook  is now with John Ross, even though it’s clear she did have a romantic fling with Christopher before she met John Ross. So she’s with John Ross ( J. R. Ewing’s son).

Ann, (Brenda Strong), Bobby’s new wife. I like her. She’s a strong woman, and Bobby has chosen a good wife ever since Pamela left Bobby long ago in previous years and episodes ago.  During the first season of Dallas Pamela Barnes Ewing looked like Kim Kardashian when she was young. Do you think? Victoria Principal will not come back, but once the show progresses and becomes a hit some where down the future ofDallas, we will never know. But keep watching.

Rebecca ( Julie Gonzalo) is Christopher new wife, and they are getting married. During the wedding slash reunion, they were few cast members from the original show getting together. Lucy Ewing (Charlene Tilton) got older, and she will come back for a couple of episodes. Steve Kanaly (Ray Krebbs), Cliff Barnes (Kenny Kercheval) they will also come back for a couple of episodes too.

Here’s the family Tree link to get a better understand of the family drama.

If people think the plot or story is wrong for the newDallas, that’s what they do best. Back stabbing and black mailing that’s what they do best. Exciting drama.

It looks like Bobby want to steer away from the oil business and try alternative’s way to stay in the business tycoon – that’s good.

So far Dallas is holding up by it’s name. Watch Dallas on TNT on Wednesday night at nine pm.

Stop Eating Bacon Flavor Sundae’s and Ice Cream

Seriously don’t eat it and don’t get it. It may be tempting to get it during lunch time, but no, seriously, few of my friends who tried it, like it. But when their doctor test their cholesterol levels it was way above almost the cost of the sundae. Not good.

Hardees is going crazy to sell this for their customer the price may be good, but your waist line will expand. Why make people go fat, and we are in an epidemic crisis of being obese?

Jack in the box has the Jack in the Box Bacon Shake, well this will Jack up your cholesterol too. Come on people eat healthy and live longer  – eat a salad!

Please people stop eating fatty foods.   Who wants to be fat? It’s not a pretty sight to see a person fat and the weight problem too. Who wants to be ridicule by teenagers and adults as well? Not good. Stay healthy and live longer too. Eat a Salad!!!

Prank Gone Too Far

Pulling pranks on people are funny to watch on America Funniest Video, but pulling a prank on the nation. That’s going to far. And with the name of the boat “Blind date”? Who was driving? A blind captain? This happened on the Coast of Sandy Hook in New Jersey, and this incident is no laughing matter – may be on a slow news day, still no laughing matter.

Why do teenagers do this? Are there trying to find out who will get there faster the search and rescue team or pizza delivery person?  Not funny. But the person was hungry.

It took four hours to investigate and there was nothing to find. Now someone has to pay $88,000 and no down payment or installment plan. Maybe.

How about this for punishment, the person who is responsible for the prank at Sandy Hook in New Jersey, should clean the bottom of Sandy Hook river.   Other possible punishments clean all the vehicles that were involved during the rescue mission, helicopters, ambulance, fire trucks, portable transfer beds, and clean the poop for the rescue dogs that is used to find and locate people under debris and rubles. And make sure it is spot less clean, including the dog – make it April fresh in the butt – that’s right getting it clean.

Great for a summer job and make sure the person pays back every dollar back to the coast guard, police department, fire department, and hospital. That person would be broke. Lesson learned.

Olivia Culpo, Miss Rhode Island, wins Miss USA.

Now the state of Rhode Island will get a huge appreciate from being a smaller state to be one of the popular states just because Miss Oliva Culpo came from that state.

It was the first time; Miss USA used twitter followers to ask a question to the contestants. Nothing was embarrassed. The question was: “Would you feel it would be fair that a transgender woman wins the Miss USA title over a natural-born woman?”

Her respond was:  “I do think that  would be fair, but I can understand that people would be a little apprehensive to take that road because there is a tradition of natural-born women, but today where there are so many surgeries and so many people out there who have a need to change for a happier life, I do accept that because I believe it’s a free country,” Culpo said. Beauty and brains, I like that in a woman.

Culpo is a 2010 graduate of St. Mary Academy Bay View, an all-girls Catholic school inRiverside, where she was a member of the National Honor Society. She is a sophomore atBostonUniversityand said she comes from a big, Italian family. She described herself as a nerd and model. That’s good everyone  is a Geek, I am too. I like to read and write interesting stuff that makes people smart and talented.

On winning the titled of Miss USA “I was just so surprised, so shocked, so honored to be there,” she said of her win. She is beautiful and talented.

Hollie Cavanagh eliminated and Climbs Up to the top

Hollie Cavanagh did not win American Idol, but she was in the Top 4 and now the new Top 3, and eventually she will be in the American Idol summer tour this summer. Her fellow competitor and good friends Joshua Ledet who cried as Cavanagh performed her favorite song “The Climb” after the results were announced.

“I saw him crying, and he was like, ‘I love you. I love you,’ ” Cavanagh tells the reporter “I was like, I know. I don’t know why that boy is crying. I’m gonna see him in a few days. Stop crying!”

When she finished singing her song, she hugged Joshua and told him that she would be fine and okay. And they can’t complain while you are in the top four.  Hollie is really happy that she made in the Top 4 and the journey. She made it through American Idol.

Way to go Hollie Cavanagh!