Stop Eating Bacon Flavor Sundae’s and Ice Cream

Seriously don’t eat it and don’t get it. It may be tempting to get it during lunch time, but no, seriously, few of my friends who tried it, like it. But when their doctor test their cholesterol levels it was way above almost the cost of the sundae. Not good.

Hardees is going crazy to sell this for their customer the price may be good, but your waist line will expand. Why make people go fat, and we are in an epidemic crisis of being obese?

Jack in the box has the Jack in the Box Bacon Shake, well this will Jack up your cholesterol too. Come on people eat healthy and live longer  – eat a salad!

Please people stop eating fatty foods.   Who wants to be fat? It’s not a pretty sight to see a person fat and the weight problem too. Who wants to be ridicule by teenagers and adults as well? Not good. Stay healthy and live longer too. Eat a Salad!!!

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