The Big Bang: The World is Ending

Would you believe there’s a giant asteroid heading our way? The end of world is coming, forget about holding up the sign that says “The World is Ending” do what everyone would be doing – duck!

The asteroid is about 3 miles (5 kilometers) wide, in other words – big, very big. If hits the ocean we will be big trouble. It could cause tsunami, or tidal waves. I hope people are preparing for the asteroids to come. If the asteroids killed the dinosaurs back then during those cave people era, would dinosaurs come back? Steven Speilberg doesn’t have to do remake of Jurassic Park any more, it might come true. Maybe. I do not know.

We already have a hurricane sandy that ripped part of the beaches in New Jersey and New York. Especially in North Carolina coast, we still have the road damages from the last hurricane that hit us from last year in August in 2011. It’s highway 12 along the Outer banks coast line, it is still damages with sand and water. It’s going to be flooded again soon if we do not have this asteroid headed in our direction.

Astronomers are saying it might not hit us, but pass through. Can we steer away from the asteroid before hit us? If we have the Superman today,  he would fly out and destroy the asteroids and bits of pieces would land on earth and knock out a Kardashian from the tree and it would land safely on it’s paw. And the show will be cancel on the E! network.

Astronomers all over the world is watching the asteroid from space and online too, heading our way and the astronomers are saying it may miss us – that’s good news, for sure.

For safety I hope people got extra batteries, charge the cell phone because we have to vote tonight on the Xfactor and once you finish it, charge the phone again.   Doomsday Preppers would have an advantage over us they already planned this major catastrophe ahead of time – like many years ago. Building bunkers underground or above. Can they fit three more people ? My mom is in a wheel chair?

Oh by the way, it missed us. We are still alive!!

First Day of School

First day of school and the children are ready to learn and make new friends, maybe they have their own friends since grade school, which is good. Keeping old friends are great.

The first day of teachers is the first day of learning, with the class room all decorated to make it cozy and comfortable for the students is always great to stimulate the mind to get a good education. However, what’s the best way to engage learning in the class room these days, make it as a game. We have the game show network take some ideas from them and incorporate in your lesson plan. Students love a little competition and make them learn the fun way. Any subject would do.

When teachers get their degree from their university or college, they were taught to teach the student and the subject matter they are specialized in and also to help the students to be a good citizen in the community area.

Teachers have to be creative in a class room; teachers have to engage and motivate the students for good behavior, if they have done bad tell them do “Try again” and smile. Teachers can be friendly with the student in a good way, but if the student constantly misbehaves in class, teachers have to give them choices. Having a sexual choice is no-way-done-deal. There are millions of teachers in the America, who are teaching and teachers make the wrong choice for their students. Teachers should know if they make a deal with the student with a sexual favor, and the students promise they would never ever tell.  Think again, somewhere  down the road, they would tell and ruin the teacher’s career. Do not do this, just expel the student from the campus and make them think of their consequences of action they have done. Take it to the board of education. Don’t ruin your career. Ruin the student’s life, they need a lesson on dignity. They are still young they need a lesson on life.

Curiosity Landing on Mars

As for the curiosity, the Mars Rover Curiosity landed on Mars early Monday morning on Mars and this time it really landed on Mars. When the first man landing on the moon many people speculated, we did land on the moon, it was staged, on a sound stage, in an undisclosed studio. Okay fine, my backyard, not really.

Both the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in La Cañada Flintridge — home to mission control — and NASA live-tweeted the landing. President Barack Obama congratulated the team of engineers for making what he called a “remarkable accomplishment” a reality.

The image is not E.T. from Mars, or the alien from Transformer: The Dark of the Moon, but it looks like it. It’s the space craft itself.  This billionaire space project that NASA built to rover  on Mars, will use 10 instruments to probe the areas of Mars and determined whether condition is good to live, we are not aliens. Aliens can live on this planet than us; aliens can handle the extreme cold and heat, but what do they eat? Chicken?

Scientist wanted the insight on the organic molecules to see if there’s life on the planet, if they found a foot print, Big Foot is discovered there! But they are looking for Alien Life Forms better known as ALF. Do remember the TV show from the 1980s – that ALF.  A wise crack alien which liked to eat cat.

The mission will take two years on the planet, and once it collects the sample on Mars, either it will come back to Earth or be space junk floating in space and possible crash land in my backyard, and a girl will appear with real super powers, and I can adopt her to my family. My fantasy.

A New Species in New York Was Croaking in Plain Sight

The new species of leopard frog, whose entire known range is roughly within commuting distance of Midtown Manhattan, makes an unusual sound.On a foray into the wilds of Staten Island in 2009, Jeremy A. Feinberg, a doctoral candidate in ecology and evolution at Rutgers University, heard something strange as he listened for the distinctive mating call of the southern leopard frog— usually a repetitive chuckle. But this was a single cluck.

“I started hearing these calls, and I realized they were really distinct,” Mr. Feinberg said.

Three years later, Mr. Feinberg and four other scientists who joined him in multiple field and laboratory studies, are finally comfortable making their declaration: a new species of leopard frog — as yet unnamed — has been identified in New York City and a number of surrounding counties.

The find is surprising on a number of fronts, not least of which is that the new frog was hiding in plain sight in one of the most populated centers in the world. (Most new species are found in remote areas.) And it illustrates the power of genetic testing in parsing more finely those animals that may be nearly identical in appearance, but are, in fact, of different species.

Is Plagiarism Cheating?










Did you know how professor catches students plagiarizing their paper? Well actually the professor would not read it at all. They will use a software called Turn it in. It will scan the paper and do a match over the internet and database of papers. That’s how they use it, and they give you a quick reply on your paper. They don’t actually read the paper. Professor and teachers are lazy to read papers themselves.

Did the student really write it? Or use the copy and paste method, like most high-school students or probably college students too. When copying articles from the internet, we must cite the source, if we don’t cite the source, it can cause your grade-point average to drop, and we don’t want to do that. If I was you, read the materials and write a summary of what we have read.

Professor and teachers are one step ahead of us to find students who plagiarize papers, and students don’t give credit of where they got the information from.

We all know students have deadlines, due dates and scheduling of when to write papers. Do them early, start to research immediately, write notes on the side of the paper and create an outline at the same time. Creating an outline can put you on the right track. Cite sources when necessary and put your own thoughts and use the comparison method when presenting ideas. However, do not use humor in paper, it’s an academic paper and should be academically must have knowledge, experience and vocabulary words (I still use the online dictionary and thesaurus when finding words and new words; it really helps, keep it handy).

Professor and teachers wanted to read originally works from their students and not theirs. It’s plagiarism, and it should not be allowed. We all have ideas, thoughts and solutions why not mentioned in the paper.