Did you know how professor catches students plagiarizing their paper? Well actually the professor would not read it at all. They will use a software called Turn it in. It will scan the paper and do a match over the internet and database of papers. That’s how they use it, and they give you a quick reply on your paper. They don’t actually read the paper. Professor and teachers are lazy to read papers themselves.

Did the student really write it? Or use the copy and paste method, like most high-school students or probably college students too. When copying articles from the internet, we must cite the source, if we don’t cite the source, it can cause your grade-point average to drop, and we don’t want to do that. If I was you, read the materials and write a summary of what we have read.

Professor and teachers are one step ahead of us to find students who plagiarize papers, and students don’t give credit of where they got the information from.

We all know students have deadlines, due dates and scheduling of when to write papers. Do them early, start to research immediately, write notes on the side of the paper and create an outline at the same time. Creating an outline can put you on the right track. Cite sources when necessary and put your own thoughts and use the comparison method when presenting ideas. However, do not use humor in paper, it’s an academic paper and should be academically must have knowledge, experience and vocabulary words (I still use the online dictionary and thesaurus when finding words and new words; it really helps, keep it handy).

Professor and teachers wanted to read originally works from their students and not theirs. It’s plagiarism, and it should not be allowed. We all have ideas, thoughts and solutions why not mentioned in the paper.