First day of school and the children are ready to learn and make new friends, maybe they have their own friends since grade school, which is good. Keeping old friends are great.

The first day of teachers is the first day of learning, with the class room all decorated to make it cozy and comfortable for the students is always great to stimulate the mind to get a good education. However, what’s the best way to engage learning in the class room these days, make it as a game. We have the game show network take some ideas from them and incorporate in your lesson plan. Students love a little competition and make them learn the fun way. Any subject would do.

When teachers get their degree from their university or college, they were taught to teach the student and the subject matter they are specialized in and also to help the students to be a good citizen in the community area.

Teachers have to be creative in a class room; teachers have to engage and motivate the students for good behavior, if they have done bad tell them do “Try again” and smile. Teachers can be friendly with the student in a good way, but if the student constantly misbehaves in class, teachers have to give them choices. Having a sexual choice is no-way-done-deal. There are millions of teachers in the America, who are teaching and teachers make the wrong choice for their students. Teachers should know if they make a deal with the student with a sexual favor, and the students promise they would never ever tell.  Think again, somewhere  down the road, they would tell and ruin the teacher’s career. Do not do this, just expel the student from the campus and make them think of their consequences of action they have done. Take it to the board of education. Don’t ruin your career. Ruin the student’s life, they need a lesson on dignity. They are still young they need a lesson on life.