As for the curiosity, the Mars Rover Curiosity landed on Mars early Monday morning on Mars and this time it really landed on Mars. When the first man landing on the moon many people speculated, we did land on the moon, it was staged, on a sound stage, in an undisclosed studio. Okay fine, my backyard, not really.

Both the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in La Cañada Flintridge — home to mission control — and NASA live-tweeted the landing. President Barack Obama congratulated the team of engineers for making what he called a “remarkable accomplishment” a reality.

The image is not E.T. from Mars, or the alien from Transformer: The Dark of the Moon, but it looks like it. It’s the space craft itself.  This billionaire space project that NASA built to rover  on Mars, will use 10 instruments to probe the areas of Mars and determined whether condition is good to live, we are not aliens. Aliens can live on this planet than us; aliens can handle the extreme cold and heat, but what do they eat? Chicken?

Scientist wanted the insight on the organic molecules to see if there’s life on the planet, if they found a foot print, Big Foot is discovered there! But they are looking for Alien Life Forms better known as ALF. Do remember the TV show from the 1980s – that ALF.  A wise crack alien which liked to eat cat.

The mission will take two years on the planet, and once it collects the sample on Mars, either it will come back to Earth or be space junk floating in space and possible crash land in my backyard, and a girl will appear with real super powers, and I can adopt her to my family. My fantasy.