Would you believe there’s a giant asteroid heading our way? The end of world is coming, forget about holding up the sign that says “The World is Ending” do what everyone would be doing – duck!

The asteroid is about 3 miles (5 kilometers) wide, in other words – big, very big. If hits the ocean we will be big trouble. It could cause tsunami, or tidal waves. I hope people are preparing for the asteroids to come. If the asteroids killed the dinosaurs back then during those cave people era, would dinosaurs come back? Steven Speilberg doesn’t have to do remake of Jurassic Park any more, it might come true. Maybe. I do not know.

We already have a hurricane sandy that ripped part of the beaches in New Jersey and New York. Especially in North Carolina coast, we still have the road damages from the last hurricane that hit us from last year in August in 2011. It’s highway 12 along the Outer banks coast line, it is still damages with sand and water. It’s going to be flooded again soon if we do not have this asteroid headed in our direction.

Astronomers are saying it might not hit us, but pass through. Can we steer away from the asteroid before hit us? If we have the Superman today,  he would fly out and destroy the asteroids and bits of pieces would land on earth and knock out a Kardashian from the tree and it would land safely on it’s paw. And the show will be cancel on the E! network.

Astronomers all over the world is watching the asteroid from space and online too, heading our way and the astronomers are saying it may miss us – that’s good news, for sure.

For safety I hope people got extra batteries, charge the cell phone because we have to vote tonight on the Xfactor and once you finish it, charge the phone again.   Doomsday Preppers would have an advantage over us they already planned this major catastrophe ahead of time – like many years ago. Building bunkers underground or above. Can they fit three more people ? My mom is in a wheel chair?

Oh by the way, it missed us. We are still alive!!