All she wanted to do is dance, my prom date. She wanted to dance with me. She was the first girl I ever wanted to dance with me. She was pretty, long curly brunette hair, and she had the most gorgeous face. Her face glowed when she smiled at me. In other words, she was hot, but whenever I touch her like her hands or a small section of her body. She was cold, outside was quite cold too, and everyone had their jacket over their gown or tuxedo. I had the most beautiful girl with me.  The prom dress she wore was the beaded rhinestone jewel trim ivory color, and she was gorgeous. For me, a tuxedo and I looked dashing like those spies in the movie.

But the oddest part, she picked me where I was at a table watching my other seniors friends dancing with their dates. I came to the prom by myself and out of the blue she appeared to join me and asked me if I could dance her. I said yes. I had a great time with her.  She introduced herself as Stephanie Chapman, and she goes to Northeastern High School. She’s a senior and about to graduate this year.  I was too and I was happy that she would have graduate this year. I have a girlfriend whom I met at the prom, which was unusually to meet at the prom. Maybe it was my lucky day.

She was so energetic and she had a great personality. I almost was falling in love her, and she was too with me. Even so, when the music changes to slow tempo music, she had her body close to me. She was little cold. I offered my tuxedo jacket, and she took it and put over her gown to keep warm.

She looked into my eyes and said to me “ I am having the best night, thank you for this wonderful night.”

“My pleasure, Stephanie” I said.

We dance, the music was great, and the rhythm of the music that the DJ was playing at his booth was perfect for a slow dance. The disco ball and the lights were bouncing all over the place in the cafeteria.

“Come with me” Stephanie said.  She grabbed my hand.

“Where we are going?”  I ask.

She took my hand and she led me out of the dance floor.  We passed by the library and in the corner, there were supposed to be a chaperon, they’re making sure the seniors would not sneak out to the hall way and making out in the empty classroom. Is that what she wanted to do? Make out with me? I was ready for it, in a good way.  She ran down the hall way, and I ran after her, like she was teasing me. It was a good tease. Then she entered a class room. I went after her and follow her to the classroom. When I got inside the classroom, she disappeared. There’s no way she could hide in the classroom when it is half lighted, I could see the sewing machines and the desks. Then a voice in the classroom appeared.

“Who are you?” the voice said. He was at the back of the room and slowly approaching to me.

“I am a friend of Stephanie Chapman. Did you see her come her?” I asked.

“My name is Walter, I am her ex-boyfriend” Walter said. He was a little older to be senior at the high school.

“I didn’t know that you dated her. I am sorry Walter” I said. I was a little nervous what he was going to me. Was he going to fight at me? I don’t really know.

“It’s okay” Walter said. I was reveal. And it was strange.

“Did Stephanie come through here?” I asked again.

“No she hasn’t come through here?”

“But I saw her entered the classroom. I know there’s no possibilities way of hiding in here. Where is she? ”

“You wouldn’t believe me. What I am going to tell you”

“Tell me what?” Tell me what?

“Your date? Stephanie. She died.”

“What?! You killed her. I am getting the cops” I was about to leave to call the cops.

“ No don’t go.  She died five years ago.”

“What? I don’t understand? What is going on here?” I was puzzled.

“Let me tell you a story. Stephanie Chapman, your new girl friend had an affair while I was dating her back in high school. I got upset with her. When I found out she was dating Brock in the band? It made me angry.  When I saw them kissing in the band room.  I stormed out and she came after me. She wanted to apologize to me. But I didn’t want to listen to her. When she followed me into the sewing room, I just got really angry at her. I told her she was a stupid slut! She started to cry. She ran out of the front door and out to the street and got killed instantly by a car. I stood here, helplessly. Didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what to do. She wanted to apologize and I didn’t listen.”

“I am so sorry, Walter. What happened to you?” I asked.

“I was let out two years early in my probation. Then I heard three guys got killed, because of her. She wanted to find a perfect boyfriend for herself. I wanted to stop it before anything happened. You would be her next victim. When she doesn’t get her way.  She would get mad and drive the boys crazy and then they would commit suicide, in this room. That’s where Stephanie and I had our fight here.”

“Oh my god! I would be her next victim.” I was scared.

The blue light ball figure that was floating in the air, morph it self into Stephanie’s face and the rest of her body. Her voice appeared.

“I am so sorry, that you have to hear this. It’s true what Walter said. I would never hurt you. I like you.”  Stephanie said.    “Walter, thank you. I wanted to apologize what have done to you” Stephanie said.

“Apologize accepted, Stephanie” Walter said.

“You are looking great Walter” Stephanie said.

“Thanks” Walter said.

“I wanted to give you something. That, I didn’t get a chance to do with you.” Stephanie said. She turned to me and kissed me on my lips, it was cold, but she was sending me a good bye kiss before she crossed over. A white light appeared and her spirit entered the light. She would never harm any guys after this.  She disappeared into the white light.