Do you know who will make the best moderator for all the debates? No one. All the news media and reporters they think with high degrees from top universities with an excellent education can ask a simple question of what President Trump and former Vice President Biden would do in the White House?

Reporters are Biased 

Every day, we hear fake news from the news media; that’s what they do. They created their story to throw President Trump off. Reporters are biased! Who do we believe? We don’t know. We want the United States to be safe from terrorists, domestic terrorists in the United States, and the virus. 

With One Snap Violence is Gone 

Every day, reporters say there’s violence in the United States. Do they see it? It’s not rocket science that people don’t see it. New York was the worst during the riots and other states that follow. Just because one man killed a black man with his knee to his neck and the rest of the United States went crazy. Some of the Governors and Mayors did not want President Trump to help stop the riots. With one snap of the President’s fingers, he can remove the riots, but the Governors and Mayors destroyed their city and state. And who’s going to pay for it? Their state tax will either increase or decrease.

Biden as President?

Biden wants to close the United States because of the Coronavirus by listening to the Scientist. Really? If he closes the United States, people will lose their jobs and everything else that’s not presidential. And the dinosaurs will come back for their fossil fuel.  

When Obama was President, everybody liked him, how people change quickly. People were getting migraines. People went mentally crazy. And Why do we have so much UFO activity this year? People have hatred for President Trump, just because their cities are burned down by the craze of people like Zombies destroying their towns. You know it’s not his fault. It’s people. Or are they being possessed by Aliens? 

The dueling debates. I could hear the banjo playing back and forth. People are changing the channels back and forth between the commercials if they have commercials break during the debate.

The Debate in a Box 

If people want a debate between the presidents, you can’t have a virtual debate by placing them in a box without an audience. The presidential debate must have an audience. It’s the presidential election of 2020. They have to feed off from each other. It may work in a Zoom class. In reality, it would not work.

Brain Freeze For Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi, 80, it must have been the ice cream that is making her look young. If you overeat ice cream, her brain will freeze. Where is Nancy Pelosi getting her hair done? Again? Has she learned his lesson yet?

When Nancy Pelosi announced the 25 amendments, if you don’t know what the 25 amendment is, it clarifies that the Vice President becomes President. If the President dies, resigns, is removed from office or dies in an airplane from Air Force One, or the White House gets blown up, movie reference from White House Down (2013). Please don’t send hate comments or remove my post. 

In 1973, President Richard Nixion nominated Congressman Gerald R. Ford to fill the vacancy left by Vice President Spiro Agnew.  

If and what if Biden would win. It will be a disaster for the United States. They will push Biden off and put someone else in charge. Biden would watch Netflix series such Tanner (1988), West Wing (1999- 2006), Grandpa Goes to Washington (1978), and Hail to the Chief (1985). That will keep him busy for a while. At the same time, someone else runs amok in the White House. 

Have a great day