You Have Talent, You got to find!

Ever since American Idol is not on the air anymore, but it will be back, because of the judges are music producers and singers, and they know what they look for in a singer if they have a good voice and the image is right for their label then they get a record label.

If you haven’t seen the recent episode of The Voice, they had teenagers in there 15 or 16, and they had incredible voices, the judges couldn’t tell if there were adults singing on the show and they got selected by their mentors on the show.

Why are these teenagers competing on The Voice, So You Think You Can Dance and America’s Got Talent because they got talent and they want to show their talent and what they got? And possible land a record deal, to do that they must work hard and compete with others in the same group with other talented people.

If you dream to be famous, don’t dream, make it real. We have community theaters in our local area, auditions for plays, if you don’t get selected – work backstage – that’s the fun part.

Don’t dream of being a director, if you have a camera that takes good video and you have a good video editor software, tell good stories about your yourself, or make Tutorials, How-to’s, or Reviews of your favorite subjects and topics. Make us laugh!

Do it as regular basis, because editing takes time and follow the guidelines on YouTube, their rules and regulations. That’s how people get notice – they entertain us. Be like them and put your own flair in it. Many actors and musicians got their starts making videos, and now they are famous. YouTube is a platform for talented people.   Stop watching YouTube videos and make a video! Entertain us!

Did you know that most casting agencies go through YouTube videos and if the video has more than a quarter of million views (250,000 – like this number) they will consider you have something. Have you checked how many views they have and compare to yours? You have to be better than them. It’s like a job interview, you have to impress people.

Twiddling thumbs


America’s Got Talent: Simon Cowell Comforts Teen Rapper.

AGT judges

I have been watching America’s Got Talent because it is must see TV this summer on NBC, if you are not watching it, then you are missing it. So watch America’s Got Talent before it goes on break during the Summer Olympics on August 5.

They have all variety of acts, from singers, freak show, magic acts, comedians and danger acts.

Simon Cowell is back and judging the acts, along with Heidi Klum, Mel B, and Howie Mandel. Nick Cannon is the host.

Simon Cowell is the most recognized judge on the British TV competition series Pop Idol, The X Factor, and Britain’s Got Talent, and the American TV talent competition shows American Idol, The X Factor, and America’s Got Talent. Cowell owns the television production and music publishing house Syco.

He knows how to find great talent, he wants to see personality, what they can do and challenge themselves to take a risk.

If you are watching any of the shows, you will see how each contestants up their game to be better in the show. In other words, impress them again, of what they can do and win the competition.

This is the real world, you have to impress people of what you can do and do it again. If you think, you are a better singer. Then sing, if they tell you sound is not ready it, then looked at the previous winners and see how they do it. They worked hard on their craft, they started young, which is good, and they had professional help to better at their game. And they perform locally in their community area to get a chance of fame. In other words, getting experience, like a job.

Here are the highlights and the top acts that they are going to the live shows.

Sofie Dawson 1


The evening’s big winner was 14 year-old contortionist Sofie Dossi, who earned a golden buzzer from guest judge Reba McEntyre.


Along with Kadie was another contortionist by the name of Vello Vaher, he walked with his hands and hang from his teeth.

Magic Kids

The brother and sister magician act of Kaden Rocket. Few weeks ago, he cut his sister in half. Then again, he pulled out gorgeous women from a suitcase. I wonder how he made it from the TSA agents from the airport.


Transgender comic Julia Scotti, was funny. Her act was observation humor and poking fun of herself.  Someone please put her on a Nickelodeon show if she doesn’t make it through.


Knife throwing daredevils Deadly Games.


The other comic, Adam Grabowski didn’t go as plan.  He should have kept it clean. He got an X for the evening. His set was women and ice cream and how they were aroused by it.  Not funny and portion of it was edit out. He should have kept it clean.  He was booed off with crickets sound.

“While I am disappointed with the way my act was cut, I am thankful to AGT for the experience. The thing to keep in mind about any form of reality TV is: editing.”

Steven Drugane Rubki Cubes

Steven Brundage, the Rubik cube magic did not go through to the next round. Why? They showed him doing a Rubik Cube magic trick to get out from a speeding ticket. Maybe it was years ago when it happens, but he is clean now and wanted to pursue in magic with a Rubik cube in the future.  He’s good in what he is doing. Stop digging up contestants past lives. They want to change their lives and look at him now. He’s getting calls to perform magic with a Rubik cubes all over the United States.



Kadie Lynn

The Final came to two performers Skylar whose musical influences are Biggie Small and Tupac and 12 year country singer Kadie Lynn.

Cowell approached the heartbroken girl as she left the stage, telling her, “I’m sorry.  I don’t want you to think for one second that you did anything wrong because you didn’t.”

Backstage, Skylar ran into her parents’ arms for comfort. “I am disappointed, but I am going to keep going,” she said.  That’s the positive attitude you have to do.

Another seven will advance.

“America’s Got Talent” airs Tuesdays and Wednesdays on NBC.


American Got Talent: Melissa Villasenor Does Impressions of the Judges and Made us Laugh

Melissa VillasenorTonight was a shocker and we did not know who will stay or go home tonight on America Got Talent.

The first group on the top of the hour was Taylor Davis (he sang “Falling slowly” but apparently it was his song choice, and the performance wasn’t pitched perfectly by Piers.). Avery and the Calico Hearts (cute and adorable singers and was my favorite to stay, and they sang “I wish” by Stevie Wonder). Frank Miles (Dangerman, fires five consecutive crossbows that zig-zags inside the glass square box and shoots the jelly donut off his head. He should have used an apple. It would be a perfect aim.) Fatally Unique, (Dance Group) they did an impressive military dance, similar to Janet Jackson video. The winner was Fatally Unique.

Howie was being Howie, annoying the judges as usually. Sharron gave him an evil eye by starring at Howie in the dressing room trailer.  Her daughter Kelly Osborne is being a bitch, calling Christina Aguilera a fat bitch. What’s with the name calling? She never had a hit song, because she was dropped by record label Epic. The movie she did wasn’t a hit. Straight to DVD and sold for 1.00, it’s a bargain, but the acting was terrible. Telling the truth sounds insulting to her. She can’t keep her mouth shut and humiliating people. She’s not likeable. By the way, she dropped out of the 10th grade. She’s living at home with her mom in which she is making money from two shows “American Got Talent,” NBC and on CBS “The Talk.”  Did she get her GED?  I still don’t like Kelly Osborne since “Dancing With The Star” she did the same thing blaming someone had extra dancing time to become to become a better dancer. Kelly did not win, but the person who had extra time won the mirror ball.

Jason Derulo sang and performed his songs. It was good, I think.

Howie hid Pier’s stairs outside inside the trailer, and Piers fell down. That was hysterical.

The next results group is Zuma Zuma and Yellow Design Stunt Team. This was obvious who was going to stay. It was Zuma Zuma. Howie likes when the guy jumped from one pole to another pole. Piers have a fetish about men and poles. The Yellow Design Stunt Team, did a BMX bikes trick set, that was extremely good. One biker fell off and continued with the rest of the bike act.

The next group was Scott Alexander, Sam B. and Team iLuminate. This was obvious the same who was better than the rest. Team iLuminate won this round. Scott Alexander was the last magician to be eliminated. He made the gospel singers disappeared. He could have made one of the judges disappeared as well. Sam B had charisma as to the Duracell Bunny rabbit. It keeps on going with energy.

The final group is Melissa Villasenor, Charles Peachock and The Kinetic King.The king and his exploding act did not go as it planned. The fun part was destroying and watching it exploding on the stage. He was obvious going home, but ironically people voted for him. Sharron complained Charles Peachock was slow. It looks like she’s not getting enough action with Ozie in bed. And she then complained he was trying to be a Chippendale dancer, by taking off his shirt. He’s a juggler! Howie complained he had seen this act before – in his dreams! He fell asleep on the show. Sharron and Howie should does not know talent. He did not drop his BALLS on the piano, but played them on the piano. And I agreed with Piers Morgan. He was fantastic. Sometime, the judges can be manipulative us to pick what they like by eliminating the good acts.  Melissa Villasenor, the comedienne was saved. She made me laugh. Did she make you laugh?

America Got Talent: Howie Mandel Pick the Wrong Group

The best were chosen on America Got Talent.  Howie Mandel was confused at one point when choosing who will advance to the second-quarter finals. He had to choose between Smage Bros, Landon Swank, and Mona Lisa, stunt bikers, illusionist, and singers. Illusionist was my bet, if he had to pick him, we would have different illusions acts from Landon Swank. With the Smage Bros, more like what happens if he injured one of his team mates live on stage or fallen. Is that a million-dollar act? More like a million-dollar lawsuit and injuries cost.

The Rhinestone Roper went home, if he had done his knife throwing act with the judges, he could have been saved, evidently the horse did a trick too, it pooped. So was the act. Thomas John could have joined him too. He can juggle and entertain, but he dropped a few pins, which doesn’t count. The act had to be perfect and rehearsed.

Hurrah! The Silhouettes – that’s a million-dollar  act. Their theme wasAmerica and it was fantastic. I am making a giraffe out of my hands and casting a shadow.

Hot Chelle Rae made their first appearance on the show and sang their latest hit “Tonight, Tonight” the song was good. It was catchy and pop. They will get notice. You can download their song from ITunes.

The next group, Steven Retchless, Attack Dance Crew and Geechy Guy, a pole dancer, dance group, and a comedian. Steven Retchless was magnificent on the pole. Piers believe men should not do pole dancing, thinking again. What about the acrobatic act Traces, they have men, and they were doing some pole dancing. It’s talent.  Piers need to be educating again. They are men who can dance on the pole. He was saved, along with Daniel Joseph Baker, he can sing. I am glad he was saved.  Dani Shay was my bet, since s inHollywood, s could get a talent agent and get a record contract.  Geechy Guy is making a comeback his spitfire of one liner was hilarious, and it made me laugh. Did he perform on the other talent show back in 1990’s Star Search?