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There’s something weird in the multiplex. Who you gonna call? Script doctors. Did you know Ghostbuster is number 1 this weekend trailing right behind is The Secret Life of Pets?

The movie wasn’t that bad, I just like the phrase, plus I needed to grab your attention to read my review.

Anyway, this movie takes you away from all the hoopla from the presidential candidates and family drama. The movie itself is silly and fun to watch.

Your children could clean up their room and one of them is cooking, which is good. Give the child who is cooking for you put them in your will, and give this child money when your child graduate from High School and a college fund. The other two, they have to earned your trust.

We wish they would grow up and they are teenagers! They make good grades but they are kind of slobs. Do you think? No offense.

My house is a mess from these two! Ugh! Teenagers when would they ever learned, hiring a maid is too expensive, last time we hired a maid and something got stolen!

We went to see Ghostbuster 3, the kids were quiet, and they watch the movie like normal adults. They behave properly at the theater but when they got home, they are a mess again! Calgon take me away!

Erin Gilbert (Wigg), of course. She’s a paranormal researcher and Columbia University instructor whose book, “Ghosts From Our Past: Both Literally and Figuratively,” was co-written with her childhood friend Abby (McCarthy). (Not an SNL Alumni, but she hosted the show) Although Erin has since recanted her belief in ectoplasmic life, Abby is still determined to catch and examine a real-life ghost — now with the help of her new research partner, Jillian Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon).

Leslie Jones is a freaked out MTA worker and aficionado of early Manhattan history. She joins the team, she brings along her own expertly delivered one-liners (not to mention her uncle’s hearse). Leslie Jones is hysterical to watch.  She made me laugh so hard, a popcorn got stuck in my nostrils and I did the Heimlich maneuver on myself and the popcorn landed on someone else popcorn and she ate it. She mumbled it was salty.

Chris Hemsworth played the male secretary for the paranormal team. What? Males can be secretary too and they are good at their job.

Oh by the way, they have a lot of cameos in the movie, that I was surprised to see. So it was not that bad, it was good.  The late Harold Ramis was honored in memoriam in an early scene. Cecily Strong played the Mayor, she was somewhat good.

The ghosts in the movie, maybe cheesy with CGI, it was okay.  They had slimmer, not so friendly like Casper the friendly ghost; I did not know that ghost shoots up slime when they exploded.

Don’t forget to watch the ending of the movie, there are some surprises at the end.

harold_ramis 2

The Late Grate Harold Ramis (November 21, 1944 – February 24, 201), he is being remembered. He won the BAFTA Award for Best Original Screenplay for “Groundhog Day” which star his good buddy Bill Murray.

Overall, it was good to watch it. I give it 3 out 4.  Go see it. You would not be disappointed.

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